Your 3 Day Springtime Detox Diet

emotional eating curesWhether or not you’ve had the luck of the Irish the past few months, when it’s come to sticking to your women’s weight loss plan – a fresh springtime shot at achieving weight loss success has begun.  But don’t be surprised if it feels harder than ever to jump right in to your weight loss plan with enthusiasm. Constant heavy Valentines/Chinese New Year/President’s day/St. Patrick’s Day festivities and drinking not only sets you back by packing on unwanted pounds, it also makes your metabolism more sluggish and cranks up your sweet and fatty cravings, making the thought of any kind of weight loss eating plan less appealing than ever.

So start by doing some damage control for those hazy seasonal overindulgences of yore (or last week). In order to begin on a women’s weight loss plan that you’ll stick to successfully, it’s important to recalibrate your body and mind, to rebalance your blood sugar and hormones, to cleanse your liver from all of the sweets, treats, food additives and alcohol of the past weeks, to improve digestion, to stimulate fat burning and to eliminate unhealthy food cravings.

Prep yourself to purge seasonal weight gain and to take on a healthier and leaner lifestyle with this 3 day springtime detox diet. This detox plan is designed to give your digestive system a cleansing rest in the wake of holiday binge-fests, and to reset it from fat storing to fat burning. It focuses on cleansing foods, such as high-fiber plant foods and water, while steering clear of difficult-to-digest foods and toxins, such as sweeteners, refined gluten and unhealthy fats.

Repeat this meal plan for 3 to 4 days.

Kick Off Your Weight Loss with

SlimQuick’s 3 Day Spring Detox Diet



First Thing in the Morning:

Before you eat anything, drink a tall glass of warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a small pinch of cayenne pepper. This will help to cleanse the liver, stimulate elimination and trigger your metabolism. Throughout the day, continue to sip on spring water, green tea, herbal tea and lemon water between meals. Do not add sugar or sweetener.


About 20 to 30 minutes after your morning glass of lemon water, eat a high-fiber, easy-to-digest breakfast that fights water retention while giving you a steady stream of energy throughout the day. Make yourself a bowl of ¾ of a cup of plain oatmeal (use rolled oats, avoid instant oatmeal). Stir in one tablespoon of chopped almonds or walnuts along with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, which helps to power up your metabolism.

slimquick-protein-powderMid-morning Snack:

Drink a glass of SlimQuick’s Well-Balanced Weight Loss Smoothie.


Choose a meal high in fiber, nutrients, hydrating vegetables and protein while low in calories. The Thai Peanut-Ginger  Salad is crunchy and satisfying, featuring key ingredients like boy choy, purple cabbage and broccoli that stimulate digestion, elimination and the release of toxins.

Afternoon Snack:

Drink a glass of SlimQuick’s Well-Balanced Weight Loss Smoothie.


A nourishing soup provides your body with hydration and a source of nutrients that doesn’t tax your body’s energy to digest. Healthy soups with the right ingredients can also fill you up on very few calories and trigger detoxification, packed with cleansing plant fiber, vitamins and water.

Alternate between these two detox soups for dinner. Lentil soup helps to balance blood sugar while providing protein and fiber. Dishes featuring beets help to cleanse the liver and kidneys. Check out this warming and savory soup recipe for Beet & Beef Bone Broth.

Finish off your day with a mug of soothing peppermint tea.  Drink herbal tea before bed to stave off night-time hunger and to help you refrain from eating until the next morning.


  • Anonymous says:

    I need a quick way to huge belly bloat problem. I also have IBS with some diarrhea. Am retired but still very active. What should I purchase first

    • slimquickcoach says:

      I would recommend trying our Protein as it is caffeine-free and can be used it all sorts of healthy smoothies.


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