You Asked Your Slimquick Coach: Should I cut carbs to lose weight?

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Question: Hi there. I used to be very disciplined about eating clean and working out. But then I hurt my back about a year ago and stopped exercising. I have since gained a lot of weight. My back really restricts me from exercise, so I have to rely on diet to lose weight. I really want to lose these rolls once and for all, and I want to lose the weight fast. Should I cut carbs?


rp_yoga-pose.jpgSlimquick Coach: I’m sorry to hear about your back. Does this restrict you from all forms of exercise, including walking or prone (lying on your back) exercises? Speak to your doctor or a certified trainer about which exercises may still be available to you. One option may be gentle yoga or Pilates – ask your doctor or certified trainer. Pilates is a form of exercise that was originally designed to strengthen and tone people with mobility issues.  Appropriate exercise that you can do, no matter how gentle, will be highly beneficial and will get you on the road to back recovery.

As far as cutting carbs, it’s important to begin by addressing the “all carbs are bad” myth. It lumps together far too many types of food into one single category. The carb foods that spike blood sugar, over-stimulate insulin production and cause inflammation and disease are grouped together with the carb foods that help to balance blood sugar, avoid diabetes, and fight against diseases such as cancer, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, digestive problems, etc. Even worse, it lumps together the foods that lead to weight gain with the very foods that are essential for weight loss.

black bean dipThe key that separates the good carbs from the bad carbs is fiber. Fiber is the part of the plant that our bodies cannot digest, and that slows down the absorption of other nutrients eaten with it.  This keeps blood sugar steady, energy levels and mood balanced, blood cholesterol low, detoxification running smoothly, and the digestive system working efficiently and effectively.

Moreover, fiber is key to women’s weight loss because it helps you feel full on a very low number of calories (many of which your body can’t even absorb anyway). Additionally, fiber requires your body to burn a lot of calories simply trying to digest it. High protein and high fat foods also have this thermogenic effect and turn on the “I’m full” switch in your brain, but they are far higher in calories and do not digest as cleanly and efficiently.

resisting_temptation_weight_lossOn the other end of the spectrum is the “bad” carbs. These foods are nothing like what they once were naturally, when they were growing in the earth. To emphasize sweetness and soft texture, these foods have been highly modified, processed and refined, striped of their natural fiber and most other nutritious components. These are your “white” foods, such as refined sugar and sweeteners, white bread and baked goods, white rice, most commercial cereals, etc. The result is a nutritionally unbalanced food that causes your blood sugar to wildly fluctuate, triggering a hormone called insulin to flood in and store most of these carbs as fat in your body. These foods are empty calories with little nutritional value.

So to answer your question: should you cut out carbs to lose weight? The answer is DO cut out processed carbs that have had their natural fiber and nutrients removed, because they lead to weight gain and illness. These include baked goods, white breads and pastas, foods with added sweeteners and the majority of packaged foods. But DO NOT cut out natural, whole carbs that are high in fiber and nutrient-rich, such as dark leafy greens, vegetables and low glycemic fruits. These are the very foods that will help you lose weight. These foods help you shed pounds, avoid disease, keep energized, and feel satisfied. For effective weight loss, women should allot 40 – 50 percent of their daily calories for healthy, fiber-filled carbohydrate choices.

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Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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