You Asked the SLIMQUICK Coach: I’ve cut my calories way back, why am I not losing weight?

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Question: I really need help. I’ve been trying so hard to lose weight for the past five months, and nothing is working for me, I don’t understand hungry lady mediumit. I’m getting very frustrated and disappointed, I’m starting to feel like I’ll never get rid of this extra weight that I’ve put on. I walk or run on my treadmill almost every day. I’ve been eating really carefully and also using meal replacement shakes to cut my calories way back, to about 1000 calories a day. At first when I started cutting calories and treadmill, I lost 7 pounds in two weeks, I was off to a great start. But then, two weeks later, I had only lost 3 lbs. And since then, nothing. My weight just seems to bounce up and down by a couple of pounds here and there, I don’t seem to be losing any more even though I’ve been committed and trying so hard, and I’m nowhere near my goal weight of 130 lbs. I’m exercising and have cut my calories way back, so why am I not losing weight?


SLIMQUICK Coach: I’m really proud of you – you deserve a tremendous pat on the back. You have successfully taken the most difficult step on your weight loss journey: changing your lifestyle. It takes an incredible amount of daily willpower to follow through with exercising every day and sticking to a diet. That kind of commitment takes an enormous amount of inner strength. Good for you.

Now it’s just a matter of tweaking what you’re doing to make sure that all that hard work starts to pay off for you.

Let’s start by addressing your daily diet. You’ve said that you are eating about 1000 calories a day.

Paying attention to the number of calories you eat a day is a healthy practice, to make sure that you are not consuming more than your body needs and won’t store the excess as fat tissue. This is why moderating the amount of calories you eat everyday can help you drop pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

However, restricting your calories too far may actually wind up hindering your weight loss in the long run, and is not a sustainable way to maintain your results. Eating a 1000 calorie/day diet for an extended amount of time is not a healthy and effective way to lose weight; in fact, it may actually be damaging your metabolism.

Calorie Restriction for Weight Loss

No one will argue that cutting back on how many calories you consume every day is an effective weight loss tool for a healthy lifestyle. In the hectic course of day-to-day life, surrounded by high-calorie foods and snacks and little opportunity to be active, it’s easy to consume way more calories than your body actually needs without even being aware of it. Becoming conscious of how many calories you’re eating every day and ensuring that you aren’t exceeding the number of calories that you are burning is an important first step to shedding pounds.

But there are many severely low-calorie diets (also known as “starvation diets”)  that are trending right now that plunge followers way below recommended daily calorie levels (most nutritionists would recommend going no lower than 1200 calories a day). And in the beginning of these types of diets, people are generally pleased with the quick weight loss results that they experience.

The problem is that, in the long run, the weight loss initially triggered by a severe calorie-restricted diet starts to slow down, and eventually, it starts to hit a brick wall. That’s because severe calorie-restricted diets are a constant race against your own body.

Theoretically, calorie restricted diets should successfully lead to weight loss because they create a calorie deficit. Eating fewer calories than the number of calories your body naturally burns should force your body to burn up its own fat stores for energy. When you first start on one of these diets, that’s exactly what happens, and you lose weight.

However, as your body mass starts to shrink in size, so do the number of calories your body uses to perform daily bodily functions. In other words, the more weight you lose, the less calories your body needs to burn on a daily basis. This means that the more weight you lose, the more calories you would be forced to cut from your daily diet in order to stay ahead of the weight loss race.

To make matters worse, severe calorie restriction for prolonged periods of time throws your body into “survival mode”, causing it to adapt by slowing down your metabolic rate even further, and “rationing” its functioning to burn even fewer calories. This forces you to have to continually cut away at your daily calorie intake because, even to just maintain your weight, your slowing metabolism is flipped into fat-storage mode and is working against you!

Essentially, the more you push your body to lose weight by starving it, the more your body pushes back by refusing to let go of the fat stores it has left. What’s more, you’ll also start to experience severe fatigue, crabbiness, dizziness, mental fogginess and uncontrollable urges to binge eat, which become harder and harder to fight. Losing weight this way becomes miserable, unhealthy, and completely unsustainable.

So what’s the answer? For weight loss results that are healthy and that you can maintain in the long haul, you need to choose a diet that promotes portion control and satiation rather than severe calorie restriction and hunger. Diets like the SLIMQUICK Mix & Match meal plan, which incorporate moderate calorie restriction in combination with careful macronutrient balancing and hormone balancing techniques, are far more effective at creating and maintaining weight loss. This is because these eating plans moderate calorie intake while still addressing your nutritional needs and working with – rather than against – your body’s natural metabolic patterns. This allows you to lose weight while feelings energized and satisfied, rather than leaving you feeling hungry, fatigued, and emotionally and mentally low.

Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

treadmill mediumFor healthy and long-term results, moderate calorie restriction needs to be practiced in combination with exercise. Including exercise in your weight loss plan is one of the best ways to keep the scales tipped in your favor, as it stimulates weight loss by burning calories, rather than by restricting calories through starvation.

It’s fantastic that you are practicing cardio training every day on your treadmill. However, for pure weight loss that lasts, you have to add regular strength training into your weekly routine as well. By promoting increased muscle activity, an increased metabolic rate and by burning through even more calories, regular strength training creates a healthy calorie deficit without having to starve yourself or having to resort to unhealthy strategies to stay ahead of the weight loss race.

My advice: Your SLIMQUICK supplements should help to give your damaged metabolism a renewed boost. To mend your metabolism and get you losing weight again, I recommend increasing your daily calorie intake to no less than 1300 calories a day, and to try and make most of those calories come from solid food (I don’t recommend using commercial meal replacement shakes). Try our Mix & Match meal plan, and incorporate strength training with weights in to your weekly workout schedule, two to three times a week.

Keep me posted. Wishing you much health & happiness,



  • Anonymous says:

    How many gummies are you suppose to take

    • slimquickcoach says:


      Are you taking the regular or extra strength gummies? For the regular strength gummies (they have a blue swoosh on the label) the instructions are to take 3 gummies once a day. For the extra strength gummies (they have a red swoosh on the bottle and say “extra strength”) the instructions are to take 2 gummies in the morning with a meal and a second serving (2 gummies) 6 hours later with lunch or a snack, with each servings of gummies you should drink at least an 8 oz glass of water.

  • Anonymous says:

    My bottle of extra strength gummies says to take 2 gummies once a day and to not exceed 2 gummies in a 24 hours period. Is this a different product than those stated above? It has a red label.

    • slimquickcoach says:

      This blog post is about the risks of cutting calories to much and how to lose weight without starving yourself. It’s best to read and follow the instructions on your chosen Slimquick Pure product and to consult a doctor before starting a new diet or fitness plan.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is it okay to use both the gummies and the shakes at the same time or no? They are both the lose 3x the weight.

    • slimquickcoach says:

      Each Slimquick product is designed to be used alone, taking extra does not improve results. You can use one product for your morning serving and one for your midday serving if you like.

  • Anonymous says:

    I pour Slimquick Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berries powder into my bottled water. I am a 43 year old female with hypothyroidism. This product keeps my appetite at bay and gives me lots of physical and mental energy and clarity. It should be a womans go to drink. Made for every woman. Even me. Signed, Tara from Long Island.


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