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rp_starvingyourself.jpgThousands of women visit for many reasons every week – to get more information, to find success stories, to do their research, to join the 25 lb Challenge… and most importantly, to connect with other like-minded women in the Community Section.

The Community Section is a little bit hidden on the website. If you go to the upper right hand corner of the menu bar, you will see an orange button. This will sign you up for the Community Section! If you sign up for the Community section, it does NOT sign you up for the 25 lb Challenge. The 25 lb Challenge section is a very specific area on the website where you opt in to having motivational emails sent to your on a weekly basis and access to the SLIMQUICK Coach to ensure that you meet your goals.

The Community Section gives you the opportunity to ask questions on the message board and otherwise stay relatively anonymous, since you do not have to upload a picture (you get an avatar instead). So any “women-like” questions that you would not feel like comfortably posting on Facebook, you can ask the Coach and other women on the message board.

It also boasts a handy nutritional and workout tracker that can be used to see if you are meeting your daily activity and calorie counts. Most of all, what the Community offers is a safe place to get support for any of your weight loss goals! Try it out —>

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