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Lower Abs Body Blast
Hello ladies! It’s your SLIMQUICK Coach here…not too long ago, I posted asking about what body part that you wanted me to focus on as part of a simple at-home workout. The overwhelming response to that question was “STOMACH” with variations such as: belly, tummy, abs, etc. Now, first things first. YOU CANNOT SPOT reduce. Sorry. Doing 1000 crunches a… Read More
The new year is here! Goodbye 2013 and hello to a brand new 2014. So what does that mean for you? A new outlook on life, a new mindset, maybe a new body and maybe a new and exciting change to a whole new life! What you may or may not have noticed is that the SLIMQUICK website and the… Read More
Feeling “Stuffed” and other Diet Pitfalls of the Holiday Season
With the coming of December, it is clear that the holiday season is upon us! But what does that mean in terms of our weight loss goals and our waistlines? Does this mean that we just throw caution to the wind and leave the weight loss for the looming New Years Resolution in 2014? Gain Presents and Not Pounds! Not… Read More
Burning Calories or Burning Fat?
What would you rather do… burn calories or burn fat? This could have been a trick question just in time for Halloween, but it actually isn’t. Before we go further, let’s clarify what “calories” are and what “fat” is within this context. Calories are what you body needs to function. I like to relate it to gas in your car.… Read More
Buying SLIMQUICK Online
You may have noticed a few changes to our SLIMQUICK website and most noticeable is the feature that you will no longer be able to purchase products directly from the website. All of our current retail partners offer our products at the same type of on sale and promotional pricing which we believe would offer a better customer experience. For… Read More
“Crash Diets” … Why They Don’t Work
A “crash diet” is known as a diet that is extreme in it’s nutritional deprivations, and usually involves severely restricting your calorie intake on a daily basis. SLIMQUICK does not by any means advocate using a crash diet along with even taking the 25 Pound Challenge for a few reasons: – wreaks havoc on your metabolism as it slows down… Read More
Do Calories Count?
A common question that I get when ladies start the SLIMQUICK program is how many calories that they should be consuming daily. This is a loaded question because the answer can be simplistic, but it is by no means a one-size-fits all answer. The short answer is that the SLIMQUICK Mix and Match Diet plan has been designed on a… Read More
SLIMQUICK Mixed Berry PUNCH Recipe
The great flavor of SLIMQUICK Mixed Berries makes it easy to incorporate into your daily life. While the drink mix tastes great on it’s own mixed with water, there are some easy and fun ways to change things up. With summer now in full swing and the 4th of the July just around the corner, I have decided to share… Read More
Do You Workout?
When you say that you workout, what does that mean to you? Does a quick walk around the block count as a workout to you, or is it weights… a class, or is it yoga? Many times women will contact me saying that they have been working out consistently while taking SLIMQUICK but are not getting any results. But unfortunately,… Read More
How To Cheat Properly
Cheat? Yes you heard me – CHEAT! It can totally be okay to cheat on your diet a little bit, especially after being compliant for many weeks in a row. However, I like to stick to the 80/20 rule. So long as your meals are 80% on point and healthy and on plan, you can afford a little cheat here… Read More
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