Tips To Sticking to Your New Years Resolution

SLIMQUICK_Coach2013 is finally here, leaving behind 2012. What usually comes along with a promise of a fresh start are new years resolutions. This year will be the year that you start paying attention to your body and finally lose the stubborn weight!

The new year is actually a great time to start a weight loss plan as a resolution; the benefit to having many other women starting a resolution at the same time you are is that there is a great opportunity there to have people around to help motivate you on your weight loss! Here are my top tips to actually sticking to your New Years Resolution this year:

1.) Make Your Goals Specific

Simply saying that: “I am going to lose weight this year”‘ is too vague… how will you know that you are on your way to actually achieving your goal, how will you be able to ask for help if you are struggling to meet this goal?

Instead of saying: “This year I am going to lose weight”, you can join the SLIMQUICK 25 Pound Challenge and say: “This year I am going to lose 25 pounds in 13 weeks”. That way you give yourself a specific deadline and time frame in which to achieve these goals.

2.) Make Your Resolution Reasonable

Understand that while SLIMQUICK will help you lose weight fast, there are going to be physical limitations in terms of how many pounds you can lose within a week, or a month, etc. If you are a shorter individual, you will have a harder time losing “bigger numbers” quickly simply because of where your starting point is. Ask me what you think for your height and weight is a reasonable amount to lose in a week, it can vary from person to person!

3.) Ask for Help!

If you find that you are not losing weight the way that you want, or you feel that you are changing your diet for the better but the scale is not budging… ask for help! Go onto the community section, or on the Facebook page – or even email me at and we can work out what we can do to make sure that we can get you the weight loss that you want. Sometimes it can be something as simple as drinking more water per day.

Those are my tips for finally sticking to your weight loss resolution in 2013. If you can more to add, please leave a comment!



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