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Spicy Asian Steak Slaw Recipe

This hearty, low-fat supper salad makes great use of early fall produce, and gives it a piquant, Asian- inspired twist. Dominated by crisp, colorful, high-fiber vegetables and a good ratio of lean protein, this dish lends an exciting burst of flavor and variety to your weight loss lifestyle, and will really satisfy you at the end of the day. The… Read More

4 Fat-Flushing Salsas

Fresh vegetable salsas are not only an easy way to add flavor and festivity to any meal, but they are also high in raw nutrients, extremely low in fat and cholesterol and – according to the latest research – can help to speed up your metabolism. This is because of capsaicin, a chemical found in the hot peppers that are… Read More

How Chiles will Chisel Away Your Body Fat

Some like it hot. Whether it’s hot food, a hot body or a bit a hot n’ heavy that you’re after, research is revealing that an interesting chemical naturally found in some of the spiciest foods in the world could help you get all three. Capsaicin, the plant compound that hikes up the heat in hot peppers, has recently begun… Read More