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6 Salad-Free Ways to Enjoy Your Greens

If you weren’t well acquainted with the salad aisle before your weight loss journey began, odds are that you can now navigate it with your eyes closed while hopping on one leg and still come out with a cart full of every shade of green. No matter what kind of diet you’re on, one of the major components of every… Read More

Zucchini Pasta in Fresh Parmesan Pesto Sauce

Forgo high-carb noodles for these light, low carb, gluten-free zoodles instead. Zucchini pasta is a simple side dish that lends a brightly colored, low-calorie compliment to any weight loss meal, and eating them raw allows you to reap all of the high nutrient and fiber benefits. Give them a boost of extra flavor and healthy omega-3 fatty acids with this… Read More

Weight Loss Recipe: Asparagus & Kale Parmesan Pesto

Eating slender asparagus is the perfect way to will in a new slender silhouette in time for spring. Full of folate, vitamin K and with less than 4 calories per spear, this green seasonal veggie will help put an energized spring in to your step. Create a light meal by drizzling your steamed asparagus with this incredibly nutritious, out-of-this-world kale… Read More