Summertime Slimmed Down Sangria
Slimmed Down Sangria


A question I get all the time as the SLIMQUICK Coach is “can I still have drinks when I am trying to lose weight?” By drinks, most ladies mean those of the alcoholic in nature. The answer is not as easy as one may think. Alcohol itself can be a detriment mainly because it stops the body from oxidizing fat while it is still in your system; meaning that it will choose to burn the calories form the alcohol first.

The second issue is around the fact that there can be a lot of sugar in main alcoholic cocktails? So what is a girl to do when she just wants to chill and have a few drinks on the patio with the girls? Well there are BETTER options for you out there. Something like a spritzer or a sangria or even a light beer is better option than really calorie laden drinks like pina coladas etc.

That being said, there are always exceptions to the rule, especially if you are treating yourself! If it is a cheat day/meal then you can go ahead and treat yourself, but do not treat liquid calories as if they simply do not exist – because they do.

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