Staying Consistent

SLIMQUICK_CoachWhat do you think it better for you to achieve your goals?

A) 1 extremely hardcore 3 hour workout once a week?

B) 3 consistent 30 minutes sessions three times a week.

The answer is “B”; just being more consistent. What many of us do when we are excited about weight loss, losing weight and starting a new stage in our lives is that we want to go at it full-force. This is not a bad thing, the motivation is fantastic. That feeling is something that you should hold onto.

However, one should not then do an incredibly long and tiring working and start starving yourself. That is, extreme diet and exercise off the bat in an attempt to gain quick results. Not only is this counter-productive, you have to realize that going from 0 to 100 comes with some risks. Starting a workout program requires your body to adapt from doing nothing to start doing something that is a bit more stressful on the body, so start slow. Start with something that you enjoy!

If you want to run a marathon, you still have to start and learn how to run one mile

The dangers of starting at such an extreme end of the spectrum can range anywhere from demotivation and discouragement to an injury that can sideline you for weeks. None of those potential consequences will help you achieve your long term goals of weight loss.

So try this, pick 3 days of the week and schedule in where you can fit in 30 minutes (you can even split the sessions up into 2 15 minute sessions); you can check out some of our workouts off the website:

Make sure that you reward yourself for small things each day, this is just another way for you to remain consistent and on your way to losing those 25 Pounds!


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