Outdoor Fitness: Burn More Calories Than Ever Before

Can’t make it to the gym or afford expensive gym membership fees?

Well, you’re in luck! You have just won a free pass to the very best weight loss gym the city has to offer, involving little-to-no wasted travel time, with no annoying machine line-ups, and where your membership never ever expires!Woman_hiking

It’s called…The Outdoors!

In fact, research has shown that natural methods of exercise performed outdoors could burn even more calories than machine exercises performed indoors. And that’s not only a breath of fresh air for your body – outdoor exercise impacts your mind as well. According to a 2011 study that looked at the exercise habits of eight hundred adults, exercising in natural environments was associated with increased feelings of revitalization, energy, positive engagement, calmness, enjoyment and satisfaction, as well as decreased tension, confusion and anger.

Good for your will, waist-line and your wallet! Strap on your trainers and get out there!

This summer, change up your workout routine by taking advantage of the natural metabolism-boosting effects that come with exercising outside. These fun, gym-free outdoor exercises can be performed virtually anywhere at any time, making them the best calorie blasting solution for any type of healthy lifestyle.

6 Gym-Free Calorie Blasting Exercises to Do Outdoors

  1. Jog for Joy. Running on a treadmill not only gets boring after a while, but your muscles grow accustomed to the exercise after a while and stop responding with accelerated fat burning. So try running outside instead. The Woman_joggingscenery change keeps things interesting for your brain, while the uneven surface of the ground forces your muscles to constantly adjust and stay active as well. You can continue to up the ante (and the calorie burn) of your running workout by finding curbs, tree stumps, low retaining walls and other objects to leap over as you go, or higher tree branches, fence rails and other higher objects to duck under as you pass through.
  2. Hike up a Hill. Hiking up a hill not only helps to shape sexy buns, back of the legs and calves, but it also challenges your abs and your entire body by forcing you to fight against gravity and balance on a steep and unsteady surface. Blast even more fat by turning your hike into a jog and, eventually, a sprint, to increase the intensity of your workout and challenge yourself.
  3. Step beyond the Stair-Climber. Before elevators, ancient town and city dwellers used to make use of an old travel method known as “taking the stairs.” Luckily, most building entrances and outdoor spaces have preserved these historical monuments, for people to observe the ways of their ancestors and also for people looking to get a free calorie blasting workout. Like hills, running up stairs is a great functional exercise that benefits your muscles and your cardiovascular system. Running stairs incorporates gravity and your own body weight to help tone up the muscles of your entire body, especially chiseling out your buns, thighs and calves. You can also make stair climbing as intense as you choose, by starting with a steady walking pace and increasing to a more intense running pace as you get stronger and more confident.
  4. Park Bench Squats. Your local park bench can help you tighten up your thighs and buns. Standing with your back towards the bench and your feel planted wider than your shoulders, contract your abdominals and stick your buns back while bending your knees and lowering your body. As soon as you feel your buns make contact with the seat of the bench, raise back up to the standing position and repeat. To learn how to perform a correct Fat-Blasting Squat that will really tone up your lower half, click here.
  5. Hang Out. Cities and outdoor playgrounds are full of overhangs, ledges, railings, monkey swings and other horizontal bars to hang from. These are perfect for sculpting out beautiful shoulders and arms by using them to perform chin-ups, pull-ups, knee-lifts and leg lifts. If you are new to these exercises, find lower bars and perform these exercises while on your knees.
  6. Urban Bike Tour. Miss the bus to work. Bike there instead. It’s a great way to schedule exercise into a busy day, and will give you an exhilarating boost of energy first thing in the morning which will have you flying high all day long. Alternatively, an evening bike ride after dinner is a great way to unwind from the stresses of the day. Give yourself a shot of feel-good endorphins from a good, hard bout of exercise before rewarding yourself with a calming bath and bed, helping you gratefully settle in for a relaxing and much-deserved sleep.

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