Mini Meditation at Work

Overwhelmed at work, can’t focus or frustrated with a certain task? Take a 5 minute Office Mediation to help reconnect the mind, body and soul.

Taking 5 minutes to reconnect with yourself can help to improve creativity and concentration.

  • When we are struggling to find an answer, or stuck on a problem, taking 5 minutes to meditate allows our mind to step away and come back refreshed with new ideas.
  • We all struggle with the ability to concentrate when juggling many different tasks from time to time. With regular mini meditation sessions we can improve our concentration on tasks at hand by learning to shift our attention back to the task at hand when our minds stray.

1st Minute: Unplug the phone (or mute it), turn off your cell phone and change your screen saver to something relaxing. Sit quietly and in a comfortable position.

2nd Minute: Remove your shoes and close your eyes, stay comfortably seated. Focus on breathing through your nose throughout the exercise. Be still, and feel the weight of your body in the chair.

3rd Minute: Pay attention to the ebb and flow of your breath: four seconds in, four seconds out. Start from the head and work to your toes slowly releasing the tension in each muscle of your body.

4th Minute: As all of the tension from head to toe eases, slow down your breaths even further and start come into the moment.

5th Minute: Slowly open your eyes and continue to focus on your breath

*Test it out for yourself and see how the mini-meditation breaks can help you stay focused and creative at work!


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