How to Build Up Your Beautiful Backside

Our bums sure do get a bum rap in this day and age. They’re underappreciated, overly scrutinized, a threatened target when we’ve been bad, a curse word for people we think are lazy or loathsome.

No wonder most of us are so hard on our bums when checking them out in the mirror. Bums have been denied the respect that they truly merit. Bums have been bullied in this culture for far too long. And they haven’t deserved it.

Because Your Bum. Is. Beautiful.

When you look at your bum, here’s what you’re seeing:

One of the strongest, most important and significant parts of your entire incredible human body. What set you apart from other animals and helped to define our human species. The gift that lets you stand tall. The power behind all your locomotion, from standing, walking, climbing stairs, running – it’s where it all starts.

Your bum is a combination of gluteal muscles that coordinate the movements of your spine, pelvis, hips and legs, cushioned by an important protective layer of fat. Our gluteal muscles are one of the strongest groups of muscles in the entire body. They have allowed us to evolve as upright walkers who are able to stand tall and walk on two legs instead of four, freeing up our hands in ways that drove the entire development of human civilization. These muscles are the root of your leg movements, and are also key to supporting your spine and the main core of your body. A strong bum is necessary to effectively improve and strengthen the movements and fitness of the rest of your body.

Bums are the seat of who we are. Bums are our strength. Bums are our pride. Bums are our beauty.

So go ahead, look at your bum in the mirror. Appreciate what you see. Admire it. Love it. The next time someone calls you a Bum, say Thank You.

Unlock the true beauty of your bum with these 5 tips for keeping it strong and healthy.


1. Sit less, Walk more.

Sitting largely deactivates your gluteal muscles and encourages your spine into an unhealthy, unsupportive position. Reducing the amount of time you spend sitting and increasing the time you spend actively moving helps to keep your gluteal muscles strong, health and firm while also promoting better back health and core stability.

2. Glute Bridges

A great exercise that helps to strengthen your bum, hip flexibility and mobility is the glute bridge. It also helps to sculpt and shape out a firm buttocks. Start with the basic bridge, and then try increasing the challenge level by lifting one leg off the floor or by resting both feet on top of a box step, chair or stability ball.

3. Squats

Not only do squats work some of the largest muscle groups of your body all at once, but they also get your heart rate up and stimulate your body to produce more hormones that promote better total-body muscle development and better fat metabolism. Squats strengthen and stabilize some of the most active and important muscles, joints and ligaments in your body, which helps you become more mobile, flexible and balanced. Squats are also a functional exercise that help to improve your performance of all the activities you perform in everyday life, like getting in and out of the car, playing in the yard with the kids, walking up the stairs, taking out the trash, moving a heavy box, or even enjoying an evening of dancing or an active sex life – while also helping to prevent pain and injuries.

Find out how to perform the perfect basic squat here

4. The Clam

This exercise helps to open up the hip joints and stabilize the pelvis while strengthening the smaller gluteal muscles, the outer thighs and the pelvic floor.


5. Glute Pulse

This exercise strengthens your gluteus maximus muscles and your hamstrings at the back of your legs. Performing a glute pulse also develops your core muscles as you work to keep your torso stable and in a strong supportive position while doing this exercise.


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