Do You Workout?

When you say that you workout, what does that mean to you?

Does a quick walk around the block count as a workout to you, or is it weights… a class, or is it yoga? Many times women will contact me saying that they have been working out consistently while taking SLIMQUICK but are not getting any results. But unfortunately, saying that you “workout” can mean many things!!!

I tell ladies, as a personal trainer, that if you want to reshape your body that you need to start resistance training (aka. “lifting weights”). This should not instill fear in you – it should empower you. Lifting weights will not only make you stronger, which has positive effects in terms of your self-esteem but also will enable you to increase your metabolism.


Cardio is great, of course! But any of the calories that your burn during a cardio session will stay within that cardio session. For example, let’s say you run on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes and burn about 400 calories. Those 400 calories are all that you burn that day.

Doing weights, or resistance training will BUILD MUSCLE. What this means is that when you do cardio with more muscle, you will actually burn more calories per minute. More bang for your buck, and who doesn’t like that?!?

So what does that mean for you?

Add in 2-3 days where you lift weights (bodyweight counts) to your current workout. Start slow, as you do not want to sideline yourself with too much soreness. In addition, pushing yourself too hard too soon can lend itself to injury or tendinitis. And, don’t forget to take your SLIMQUICK before you workout – you can actually end up burning more calories from your workout that way!


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