Cravings? Tips on how to stop them!

We all know the story… you started your SLIMQUICK program, started eating right and exercising daily. At first your hunger has been curbed, you stick to snacks that are healthy and full of fiber… then – the cravings strike! 

A full bag of potato chips later, you are left with salty crumbs all over your lips and a deep feeling of guilt in your gut. How did this happen? How did it get to this point? How did you ever let your cravings overtake your honest desire to lose those 25 pounds? Below are some tips to battle your cravings:

1.) Drink Water. It sounds crazy, but try drinking a big glass of water and see if you still get those hunger pangs. Drinking a sugar free tea or a black coffee helps as well.

2.) Distract Yourself. Many of us experience cravings due to utter boredom – and yes this includes even long shifts at work where you are staring at a computer screen and could use a chocolate bar. Listen to an upbeat song, stretch or go to and look for some ideas of equipment free workouts to distract yourself. 

3.) Munch on a healthy snack. Things like carrot sticks, a small greek yogurt, cucumber slices or a handful of almonds can stop your cravings dead in their tracks.

Another thing to consider is that you are experiencing cravings as a direct result of not eating a proper breakfast! (More on that in a later post.) If you are surviving on nothing more than SLIMQUICK and a cup of coffee for breakfast, then you are guaranteed to have the “guilty chip bag” experience a few hours later! 

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