Chocolate Pumpkin Seedtella

When you committed to losing weight, did you think you’d have to completely give up on the guilty pleasure of spooning smooth, chocolatey Nutella into your mouth with giddy, eye-rolling abandon?

Well – now you don’t. You’re welcome.

This healthy, vegan, sugar-free chocolate spread recipe uses antioxidant-rich pumpkin seeds instead of nuts, rich in healthy fatty acids and trace minerals that boost your energy and health.

Portion out half a cup full into your favorite bowl, grab a spoon, curl up on your favorite chair, lean back, close your eyes, and enter your chocolate covered happy place.


Antioxidant-Rich Chocolate Pumpkin Seedtella


2 cups raw, shelled pumpkin seeds OR 2 cups of store-bought pumpkin seed butter

2 1/2 cups dates, soaked overnight and drained

1/4 cup cocoa powder

1 tbsp pure vanilla extract

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 cup of plain hemp milk (or any milk or milk alternative of choice)

If using pumpkin seeds, place them into a powerful food processor and continually process them until they are completely pulverized. Continue to process the seed meal, and it will develop into a smooth butter (stop several times during processing to scrape down the sides and push the seed meal back into the center of the blender). If using ready-made pumpkin seed butter, then skip this step and just scoop the butter from the jar straight into the food processor.

Add all of the other ingredients to the pumpkin seed butter in the food processor, and continue blending until the spread becomes uniform and smooth.

Enjoy some chocolate pumpkin seedtella straight from the food processor while it is still warm, and scoop the rest into a glass jar and refrigerate.


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