Calories are Not Created Equal



Calories are NOT created equal!

Did any of you hear about that guy on the Twinkie diet?


Okay so for those who haven’t – here’s the deal. Apparantly this nutritional professor ate lost 27 pounds eating nothing but twinkies, processed foods, doritios… the list goes on. He limited his calories, and ended up losing the weight… which brings about the question – are calories the only thing that matters?




3500 calories = 1 pound of fat. Simple math right? So just make sure you keep your calories at 1300 and you should lose weight.


And you know what, that might work – but then what’s the point of the Mix and Match Diet? Why bother eating on the RIGHT foods? Here’s why:


– Eating the wrong foods usually means that they are sugar heavy and will thus cause a HUGE insulin spike … meaning they go immediately into storage (ie. right to your thighs)

– Calorie-dense foods like doughnuts and treats don’t fill you up, 500 calories in cake doesn’t get you as far as 500 calroies in chicken and veggies.

– You lose out on nutrients eating the WRONG foods, meaning that you end up craving the BAD foods more often, making it harder to stay under 1300 calories.


Plus, let’s all remember that this little “experiement” was done on a man. And we all know that us females would probably store all those Twinkies on our hips.


So moral of the story: stick to our delicious Mix&Match Meal plan, stay healthy and stay slim!


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