A Beginner’s Guide To Tightening Your Tummy!

So you have decided to start a workout program to trim and tone your tummy  but you are unsure of where to start?

A big question that I get from Challengers are exercises to minimize the belly area (a very common women’s problem area). My first response to this is that: YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE. Doing a million crunches every day all day will make your abdominals stronger, but that will do no good at all if you have a nice comfy layer of insulation hiding them.

So the first step tightening your tummy is to make sure that you are (A) taking your SLIMQUICK consistently and (B) following the Mix and Match meal plan that is also available on the website.

Once you get that part down pat and make it a habit, you can start with the ab series outlined below. The great thing about that core workout is that it can be done anywhere, not just in a gym!

Do this series 3 times a week with 24 hours of rest between each time to give your muscles ample recovery!


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