6 Exercise Secrets that Slim Out Your Waistline

The right combination of healthy eating, exercise and a top quality fat burning supplement for women is how to begin shrinking your body down towards your ideal weight. Got it, already read it, even-my-computer-illiterate-grandmother-knows-it, blah-blah-blah old news.

But even if you’re already doing these things and seeing some success with weight loss, you’ve probably noticed that the general shape of your body still stays basically the same. Achieving a fitter, leaner, sexy hour-glass physique requires more than just shrinking it. It also requires the right techniques to re-shape it as well. While it’s impossible to spot reduce (lose more weight in one particular area of your body), knowing which exercises to emphasize in your workout – as well as which ones to avoid – can help make your weight loss results visible a lot faster, as well as make you feel more confident and attractive in your clothes (and, equally important, without your clothes!). These exercise principles are used by fitness models and celebrities to give themselves the appearance of a more tapered, slimmer waistline, and a more attractive, contoured, and balanced looking physique, no matter what size.

6 Exercise Secrets that Slim Out Your Waistline & Boost Weight Loss

girl_workout51.) Start from the top. A lot of women tend to avoid upper body weight training, worried that it’ll butch up their biceps and backsides to make them look like men. You can stop worrying – women’s bodies are genetically programmed to look like women’s bodies. Not only are the odds of your body turning manly slim to none (unless you’re popping testosterone and powerlifting Olympic barbells), but you’re missing out on an exercise secret that could help you achieve an even more feminine Shaping up your shoulders, upper back and arms with sleek, sexy looking muscle makes your waist line immediately look smaller by comparison. Just think of the attractive, curvaceous contours of an hourglass: a wider top and base are what make the middle appear slimmer and more tapered, no matter what the size. This trick of the eye (as well as the overall fat burning effect that having more muscles has on your entire body) makes toning your top half just as important for you as it is for men, especially if you’re seeking to trim out your middle and lose weight. In your weekly workout, make sure you take one to two workout sessions a week to weight train your back, shoulders, chest and arms. Exercises like pull-ups, pull-downs, seated rows and lateral shrugs are good for strengthening your back; exercises such as behind-the-neck press, seated lateral arm raises, dumbbell rear lateral raises and dumbbell shrugs are great for sculpting out your shoulders. Bench presses, cable flies, dumbbell curls and tricep press-downs are good exercises for your chest and arms.


girl_workout32.) Tighten your TVA. Your transverse abdominal muscle (TVA) is the deepest layer of stomach muscle that lies beneath the surface “6-pack” abdominal muscles. Your TVA wraps around your spine, protecting your back and organs. While most people only focus on ab exercises that build up the outer, rippling layers of torso muscle (like sit-ups and crunches), this inner TVA muscle has an enormous impact on how flat and tapered your tummy ultimately appears. If kept strong and properly toned, the TVA can act like a built-in girdle around your mid-section that makes your trunk appear taller, tighter and trimmer. Activating this innermost muscle layer takes some inner focus and practice, but with the right exercises you could begin to see some beautiful results. Begin by sitting tall, or lying on the floor on your back. Inhale, and as you exhale, try and pull your belly button in towards your spine and slightly up towards your head, as if you are drawing the letter “J” with your belly button. Hold this contraction (without holding your breath), and then release. Once you get the hang of this TVA muscle contraction, activate it while you are performing vertical hip lifts, plank exercises, or the cat vomit (yes, that is actually the name of an exercise, google it and give it a go!).


girl_workout23.) Don’t be a hipster. Remember all those shiny spandex clad aerobics instructors from the 1980s, smiling without a single wrinkle of effort on their sweat-banded foreheads as they led you through hundreds of sit-ups? In case you needed another reason to try to forget these leotard ladies, here it is – sit-ups, v-bends, and other such “stomach” exercises that fold a straight torso to your legs (or bring your legs to your torso) do lots for honing your hip muscles but little for wilting down your waistline. While your ab muscles are used for stabilization, it’s mainly your hip flexor muscles – not your abdominal muscles – that work to pull up your legs to your body and your body to your legs. This means these exercises won’t do much for your belly if all of the emphasis is on your upper body hinging towards your lower body. If you’re looking to do more major tummy trimming, than you have to focus on abdominal exercises that involve movement along your spine, curling your hips up towards your ribs or your ribs down towards your hips. Involving your legs in abdominal exercises can add beneficial resistance and a cardio component that contributes to more fat burning, but only if the movement involves a curling motion that pulls your hips towards your ribcage (or pulls your ribcage down towards your hips) will it have any major impact on shaping a flatter, fitter waistline.


girl_workout14.) Abandon bends, take up twists. The tummy muscles that run along the sides of your trunk are called oblique muscles. These muscles are involved in bending and twisting your torso, and toning them the right way can create a fit looking mid-section. However, working these muscles the wrong way can thicken up your waistline instead, creating a boxy looking trunk instead of a cinched in hourglass. Avoid repetitive side bending exercises, especially the ones that include weights. Instead, chisel out a nice V-shape in your tummy by performing movements that combine crunches with twisting motions. Bicycle crunches are an excellent way to tone up your oblique muscles without bulking them out, working all of your ab muscles at the same time while also getting your heart rate up for additional fat burning.


girl_workout45.) Round out the bottom. Just like a toned top-side helps to create the appearance of a cinched waist, the same help comes from a shapely lower half. Use compound movements to tighten and tone up multiple lower body muscles at the same time, such as squats, lunges and hip raises to sculpt your thighs, buns and back of the legs. Jumping rope or jumping on a trampoline is also an excellent way to slim your waist, strengthen your core, work all your leg muscles and give you a calorie-torching cardio workout.


What’s that your computer-illiterate grandmother already said? The right exercises can set the stage for a tight waistline, but without the right diet of portioned, fat-burning foods, no one will be able to see the show. All that hard work creating a sexy, shapely frame won’t do you much good if it remains hidden beneath layers of fat tissue. Combining the right waist-wilting workout moves with clean eating and a high-quality fat-burning supplement for women can get you much closer to the body goal you’re striving to achieve.




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