5 Small Ways to Drop Big Pounds TODAY

Trying to drop dress sizes overnight with a sudden and complete lifestyle overhaul can be very challenging. It can also end just as suddenly and completely in a three a.m. panic attack, from which only Haagen Dazs can talk you down from.

Studies in behavioral sciences show that changes that happen gradually, in small steps, are far more effective in creating large and lasting results, rather than changes that are sudden, dramatic and far-reaching. Embarking on a new lifestyle journey, such as a new women’s weight loss program, must start with small, manageable steps that propel you forward towards your goals, without sending you hurtling too quickly into unchartered territory.

5 Ways to Drop Pounds Today

5 Ways to Drop Pounds Today

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that your women’s weight loss journey has to be a painfully slow-going one. Small actions have the power to yield big results. This is just as true when it comes to shedding pounds. Learn how to make lifestyle adjustments that are just small enough to be unintimidating while just large enough to give you satisfying outcomes. This is the key to keep you motivated, focused, in control, on track, and moving forward towards achieving your goal weight in no time.When it comes to losing weight and successfully keeping it off, the trick is to start small – but to start right. And to start today. Right now. This very second. The time has come! You want this. You need it for yourself. And you can do it. So as of this precise moment, commit to incorporating these 5 small tweaks to your daily routine. Commit to these 5 small steps as of today, and every day after today. Sticking with them will not only start to produce changes in your weight in the very near future, but it will also set off a chain of other body and lifestyle changes that will have profound weight loss effects for the rest of your life.

Hooray, you are going to lose weight, starting today! Deep breath. Here we go…

5 Small, Simple Habits You Will Take on Today, for Big-Time Weight Loss Results:

Eating Breakfast Is Important

Eating Breakfast Is Important

1. This morning, eat two eggs for breakfast. Researchers from Louisiana State University placed two groups of women on a low-calorie diet. While both groups consumed the same number of calories for breakfast every morning, the first group was served a bagel with cheese every morning while the second group ate two eggs. Eight weeks later, not only did the egg eaters shed 65 percent more weight than the bagel eaters, but they also lost almost twice as many inches from their waist line. The pound purging powers of eggs aren’t completely understood, but one thing that stood out from the study’s egg eating group was that they reported feeling more full and satisfied after breakfast, leading them to eat far fewer calories at lunch and throughout the entire day. Eggs are cheap, portable, can be prepared in advance and are a great source of protein.

2. Today, brush your teeth after every meal. Believe it or not, this handy habit will help you see both your hygienist and your love handles less often. For one, it helps with portion control.  Instead of lingering at the table for seconds, leaving your plate for a good teeth scrubbing in the bathroom helps to mentally signal that the time for eating is over. If that wasn’t enough, the minty aftertaste of toothpaste and the tingly sensation on your gums is often enough to make the thought of eating any more completely unappealing. The appetite suppressing powers of mint and the overstimulation of nerves in your mouth make appetite control and calorie restriction a more natural and thoughtless practice.

3. Today, pass the elevator. Once a day, pass the elevator and take the stairs to your destination instead. Research shows that just three minutes of stair climbing a day can help you stop, and even reverse, the American trend of 1 – 2 pounds of average weight gain per year.

4. This evening, pair T.V. time with exercise. Is staying home to watch your favorite T.V. show winning out over going to the gym? Then sty home and watch…on the condition that, throughout every two minute commercial break, you get off the couch and perform a high-intensity set of squats, push-ups, curls, lunges, etc.  Studies show that short bursts of high-intensity exercise can burn even more calories than long stretches of moderately intense exercise. This means that, by the end of your two hour T.V. session, you’ve either torched some serious fat while discovering who won this week’s game of thrones, or else you decided it was high time you started watching less television. It’s a win-win situation.

5. At meal time today, you will practice the 4 S’s. At every meal, commit to the 4 S’s…Serve. Sit. Slow-down. Shut-up. Begin each snack and meal by serving out the food you intend to eat on a small plate (preferably a 9 or 10 inch plate, and try to find one that is blue). When we eat out of the bag or container, we tend to mindlessly keep eating without any concept of the amount we’ve consumed. Serving the food on a small plate helps us remain conscious of how much we’re eating, and not to go beyond a reasonable amount. Sitting down while eating, rather than standing, has the same effect, helping us focus on the food and not fall into mindless overconsumption while trying to do simultaneously multi-task. Slowing down your eating ritual by focusing on each bite, chewing each morsel more often, and trying not to distract ourselves with conversation or other activities while we eat tunes our minds and bodies into the task at hand. These simple steps make you naturally more attune to what you are eating and how much you are eating. It also gives your meal a starting point and an ending point, which you will be more willing to adhere to when you stop allowing yourself to eat and do other things at the same time. Your body’s own instinctual mechanisms of digestion and satiation can then kick in, allowing you to eat only what you need and stop eating at the right time without you having to even think about it.


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