4 Weight Loss Lessons Women Can Learn from Men

Fat is guilty of gender discrimination.

Statistics have shown it. Fat harasses women, on average, more than men. Six to 11 percent more fat lingers on ladies’ bodies. Fat is far more likely to pester women without consent, burning off at a slower rate after eating and hanging on more persistently after exercise. Worst of all, fat is less likely to get the hint and bugger off for good, even in the face of women’s weight loss efforts. It’s a harassment suit in the making.

It’s an unfortunate fact – fat just ‘aint fair.

But the time has come. Women aren’t going to just lie down and take it anymore. We’re going to raise our fists in protest. We’re going to take a stand against the tyranny. We’re going to prove, once and for all, that women deserve the same pure weight loss success. And how are we going to do it?

We’re going to fight fat like men do.

4 Reasons He’s Achieving Pure Weight Loss

Grilling1.) He eats more protein. Whether it’s biologically motivated or just a gender stereotype that we’ve fallen into, studies show that men, on average, tend to eat more protein in their diets while women tend to go for more carbohydrates. While the right types of carbohydrates (such as vegetables, legumes, and other high-fiber whole foods) are critical in an effective weight loss program, a growing body of evidence is showing that a diet high in healthy protein sources is key to dropping more body fat and maintaining lower blood fat profiles in the long run. Why does eating a higher percentage of protein give him the edge when it comes to weight loss? There are a few reasons. For one, foods high in protein are more thermogenic than carbohydrates. This means that they cause your body to burn up calories (thermogenesis) simply by eating them, making high protein foods more conducive to weight loss. Not only do high protein foods take more energy to digest, but they also take more time to digest. Longer digestion time allows your brain to receive the “I’m full” signal, helping you feel fuller longer, and helping you feel satisfied from eating fewer calories a day. Protein also allows your body to build fat-burning muscle mass, and to continue reaping the fat-burning effects of that muscle mass even when you’re losing weight. This raises your metabolism, wipes out body fat, pumps up energy and strength, and also gives your body a more lean, toned and shapely appearance. Try including 20 – 30 grams of healthy protein into each of your meals, in the form of fish, turkey, chicken, lean steak, cottage cheese, yogurt, beans and legumes, or a high-quality protein powder.

play_sports2.) He can’t sit still. According to the World Health Organization, men around the world tend to be more physically active, on average, than women. Physical activity is key for burning calories and maintaining a healthy weight, as well as significantly lowering risks of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, hypertension and depression. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s getting to the gym more often, or that he’s more involved in team sports. Studies actually show that boys move more all the time, getting up, pacing, tapping a foot while sitting and even fidgeting more than girls, all of which add up to more burnt calories in the long term. Find more opportunities to move throughout your day by taking the stairs, parking at the back of the lot, and taking breaks throughout your work day to stand up and go for a walk. Come up with creative ways of incorporating more activity in the day-to-day things that you do, such as pacing while on a phone call, performing lunges or squats in front of the t.v. or bouncing on an exercise ball while typing on the computer, etc.

lift_heavy3.) He’s got something to prove at the gym. In gyms across the country, you’ll almost always see the same pattern: more women sweating it up for hours on the cardio machines, and more men grunting and straining with eye-bulging effort by the weight racks. Cardio exercise is important for burning calories and maintaining a healthy heart. However, lifting weights – and making sure those weights are heavy enough to give your body a real run-for-its-money – gives him the weight loss advantage by allowing his body to continue burning fat even after he’s finished exercising. Muscle tissue burns up to five times more energy than fat tissue does, and while cardio exercise only burns calories while you’re performing it, muscles continue to burn calories all day long, even while you’re resting. Therefore, increasing your lean muscle mass through challenging weight training leads to greater weight loss results and long-term weight control.

scale_yikes4.) He’s not staring at the scale. A study on college women revealed that women are much more likely than men to engage in weight-related negative behaviors, such as weighing themselves regularly. Weighing in may seem like a good way to motivate yourself on your weight loss program and to track your progress, but in reality, it could lead you to become overly pre-occupied with your weight and could actually be giving you completely misguided messages. This is because the number staring back at you on your scale doesn’t only reflect how much fat you’re carrying; it also includes the weight of your organs, bones, internal fluids and water, and your muscles. You may be congratulating yourself for a much-welcomed weight drop on your scale, but this may simply mean that you’ve lost water and no fat at all. On the other hand, you may be beating yourself up for showing no weight loss after weeks of exercising and healthy eating, when in reality, you’ve actually burnt off lots of fat tissue and gained more fat-burning muscle tissue instead. Muscle weighs more than fat, but it’s more lean, compact, healthy, and will help you torch more pounds of body fat overall and in the long term, which reflects success in your weight loss program, not failure. Stop using your bathroom scale as a marker of your physical appearance and as a tracking device for your weight loss progress. Instead, ask a fitness professional to show you ways of tracking how much fat – not weight – you are losing, such as using body fat measuring calipers, digital body fat calculators, etc. You can also use other measures of success, like charting how many inches you’ve lost, watching how certain articles of clothing start to fit you differently, tracking how much further you can run, how much more weight you can lift, and how much stronger, more energetic and fitter you feel. The increase in your confidence – not just the decrease in your fat – is what will turn you into a happier, more attractive person.


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