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Spicy Asian Steak Slaw Recipe
This hearty, low-fat supper salad makes great use of early fall produce, and gives it a piquant, Asian- inspired twist. Dominated by crisp, colorful, high-fiber vegetables and a good ratio of lean protein, this dish lends an exciting burst of flavor and variety to your weight loss lifestyle, and will really satisfy you at the end of the day. The… Read More
Kill Cravings in 3 Minutes
Sure, eating clean and cutting out all things sugary, salty and crunchy sounds easy enough in theory. But when a craving hits hard, all theories melt away. You drown in the moment, in the wanting, in the need to have it. Next thing you know, you’ve hit the greasy bottom of the now emptied barbeque corn chips bag that was… Read More
Flame-Grilled Low-Fat Beef Burgers
What does summer taste like? It takes like a juicy, mouth-watering, flame-grilled burger lifted straight from a charcoal bar-B, its fiery scent wafting in through your nostrils upon a soft summer breeze as you lift it to your lips and sink your teeth in for that first, satisfying bite… The beauty of this tantalizing beef burger recipe is that it… Read More
Break Sugar Addiction in 5 Steps
Sugar is bad news. It’s linked to weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, depression, heart disease and cancer. So if you want to lose weight, get healthy and feel better, just stop eating it. Starting…..right now. Good. Phew. Got that over with. Okay then. Moving on. Only it never actually works that way. And that’s not just because sugar and… Read More
4 Fat-Flushing Salsas
Fresh vegetable salsas are not only an easy way to add flavor and festivity to any meal, but they are also high in raw nutrients, extremely low in fat and cholesterol and – according to the latest research – can help to speed up your metabolism. This is because of capsaicin, a chemical found in the hot peppers that are… Read More
How Chiles will Chisel Away Your Body Fat
Some like it hot. Whether it’s hot food, a hot body or a bit a hot n’ heavy that you’re after, research is revealing that an interesting chemical naturally found in some of the spiciest foods in the world could help you get all three. Capsaicin, the plant compound that hikes up the heat in hot peppers, has recently begun… Read More
7 No-Bread Savory Sandwiches
Bread becomes Public Enemy #1 for dieters watching their carbs or gluten intake. This can be a hard transition for sandwich lovers. After all, there’s just something about a good sandwich that taps into your eat-with-your-hands-happy-inner-child, isn’t there? The good news is that, even after bread banishment, you can still have your sandwich and eat it too. Check out these… Read More
7-Day Weight-Loss Cleanse
Nowadays, “detox” is what tanned, golden-haired skinny people do as they chew on raw leaves and sip their lukewarm lemon waters while staring peacefully out of their luxury lodge windows at the mountain spa retreat. But it wasn’t always. Once upon a time, “detox” was something everyone’s body did all the time, through normal, healthy body functions. Detoxification is one… Read More
No-Cook Mexican 3-Bean Salad
When you’re in too much of a hurry – or when you’re just feeling too lazy – it’s good to have some healthy, impromptu, no-cook meal recipes on hand to ensure that you stick to your weight loss diet while still satisfying your taste buds, schedule and electricity bills. Low in fat and cholesterol while high in fat-busting fiber, protein… Read More

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