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Simply Eat More of THIS to Flush More Fat
There’s so many complicated diets out there, each one claiming to have uncovered the magical secret of weight loss. However, research has found some common threads amongst the truly successful weight loss programs over the years, most of which are quite ordinary and are actually not so complicated after all. Most of us already know that fiber plays a role… Read More
You Asked the Slimquick Coach: How Do I Lose Weight Without the Gym?
Thousands of SlimQuick users just like you are on an exciting weight loss journey! We’re here to support you along the way, and are thrilled to answer all of the many questions we get from users through email, the message boards, personal messaging and Facebook – keep them coming! All questions are important, so we’ve decided to feature some of… Read More
Weight Loss Recipe: Metabolism-Boosting Spicy Chocolate Chai Tea
Whether you’re a nose-ringed urban hipster or someone interested in women’s weight loss (or both), drinking chai tea is a trend worth trying. A traditional spiced milk tea sold from street corner tea carts and drank in homes all across India for centuries, chai has recently been adopted by the Western world and turned into a stylish Starbucks sipper sold… Read More
Weight Loss Recipe Roasted Rosemary Apple Chicken
This is a great way to use up bruised apples! This golden chicken is healthy, simple and beautiful, and the roasted apples can be tossed together with baked baby onions for a perfect complimentary side dish.  This delicious no-fuss dinner can be prepared in a matter of minutes!  You can opt to cook the chicken on a rotisserie in the… Read More

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