Monthly Archives: April 2013
Green Smoothies and SLIMQUICK
As someone who is extremely busy and with many things on the go, like many of you ladies are, I can appreciate a meal that is quick, easy and both delicious and nutritious. You may have noticed the rise of something known as “green smoothies”. Green smoothies are commonly made with green leafy veggies such as spinach, kale, swiss chard,… Read More
Helpful Weight Loss Tips from the SQ Family
Last Friday, I had issued a challenge to the females of the SLIMQUICK Facebook Community to come together and share what they thought were their most helpful weight loss tips. The response was astounding! The promise of a free bottle of SLIMQUICK probably helped, but even after the product was given away, many responses kept pouring in. After compiling duplicates… Read More
Staying Consistent
What do you think it better for you to achieve your goals? A) 1 extremely hardcore 3 hour workout once a week? B) 3 consistent 30 minutes sessions three times a week. The answer is “B”; just being more consistent. What many of us do when we are excited about weight loss, losing weight and starting a new stage in… Read More

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