Monthly Archives: February 2013
Banishing Cellulite: A Weight Loss Woe
You have started to lose weight using SLIMQUICK – that’s fantastic! As you start to lose weight off what I like to refer to as the “female problem areas” – the hips, buns, thighs and belly… you may notice a pesky little problem that can come along with losing weight. That’s right, cellulite. With spring and then summer looming in… Read More
Age and Weight Loss
Fact or fiction? People commonly gain weight as they get older. FACT. The National National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey study actually found that women actually gain 5.2 percent of their bodyweight every 10 year interval. (Men gained about 3.4 percent, go figure.) Remember, this is percentage of bodyweight, so if you currently weight 150lbs – that means that every… Read More
What Can I Drink When Taking SLIMQUICK?
Happy Monday everyone… as you may or may not know, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Now whether you choose to celebrate this holiday or not – it has brought up the question of what can you DRINK while you are on the 25 Pound Challenge; and more importantly – am I allowed to be consuming “adult” beverages. Note:… Read More

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