The Women’s Weight Loss Guide to Smart Drinking

How many dark, cold nights have you gotten through this past winter by dreaming of your summer-time happy place? Long days on the beach clutching an icy margarita…long evenings with friends after work on the bar patio…long weekends flipping beer caps and burgers at backyard barbeques…

Beer Belly Weighing You Down?

Beer Belly Weighing You Down?

…and long breath-holding sessions as you struggle to tug your bathing suit up over your beer belly?

It’s not fair, really. How’s a gal expected to properly enjoy her summer-time beach, bar and bbq boozing while maintaining her bikini body at the same time? Alcohol and women’s weight loss may be a bad mixer, but seltzer and summer-time aren’t exactly an exciting blend either.

The biology of alcohol consumption makes this dilemma even more dispiriting. Unfortunately, booze can be a real metabolic buzz kill. With no nutritional value to speak of, alcohol goes straight to the liver, and gets metabolized for energy first. This means that the remaining parts of your cocktail – made mostly of sugary syrups, liqueurs, juices and sodas – get converted straight into fat. This also means that your BFF – beer nuts, bar fries, buffalo wings, barbeque burgers, and other Booze Friendly Foods – meets the same fatty fate. Throw in alcohol’s ability to shut down your dieter’s inhibitions, as well as its power to increase fat storage in the tummy area, and you’ve got a summer-time cocktail recipe for a bubbly Blubber-tini on the rocks, a virtual disaster for women’s weight loss efforts.

But here’s a piece of news you can still toast to: drinking doesn’t have to spell the end of a svelte waist-line. Here are some tips to help you booze and still lose on your women’s weight loss program this summer:

How to Booze and Still Lose Weight - Women’s Weight Loss Tips for Smart Drinking:

Red Wine and Weight Loss

Red Wine and Weight Loss

1.    Drink before Eating: Leads to Overfeeding. Eat before Drinking: At least You’re Still Thinking.

 Many ladies think they’re playing it smart by cutting food intake to compensate for all those beverage calories. But this may actually be the difference between a pleasantly tipsy evening spent laughing with friends and a booze-sodden binge fest spent stuffing your face with fatty foods all night.


This is because most alcoholic beverages are ticking carbohydrate bombs, blasting your blood sugar up and then crashing it back down, making you feel ravenous with hunger. Accompanied by a booze-drenched brain, to-hell-with-it eating inhibitions and a sloshy metabolism, it’s very likely that you’ll check your woman’s weight loss plan at the door and embark on a night of bad food decisions that you’ll regret the next morning.

However, if you eat a healthy meal or balanced snack before you start drinking, you can slow down the absorption of the alcohol into your blood stream. This will help you keep a level head and a level blood sugar, important to avoid impulse eating (and to avoid impulse strip-twerking on top of your bar stool).

Calorie Controlled Cocktails

Calorie Controlled Cocktails

2.    Calorie-Conscious Cocktails

The real weight loss dangers of alcohol have more to do with what you’re mixing it with. So try and avoid sweet drinks with lots of sugary syrups and choose low-carb and sugar-free mixers to make your cocktails.

3.    Pick Your Portion-Controlled Poison

Drinking sangria out of a mason jar makes you look like a hipster, but what will it make your hips look like at the end of the month? Trendy, modern-day drinking glasses are much larger than they ever used to be, making portion control an absolute must when you’re out at the bar.

A traditional 4 – 6 oz. glass of standard wine ranges from 140 to 260 calories, while today’s wine goblets hold closer to 12 – 16 oz.  A 14 oz. pint of beer can range from 139 – 360 calories. Liquid calories are even harder to keep track of then solid ones, since they don’t tend to you make you feel full. So keep tally of how many calories you’ve guzzled, and factor these in to your women’s weight loss plan.


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