Why Starving Yourself Does NOT Work


Weight does not magically fall off your body when you stop eating, believe me.


I was approximately 14 when attempted my first STARVATION diet; needless to say that it lasted all of 8 hours before I ravenously pigged out on assorted random things in the pantry like white bread and Nutella. Now what do you think happened to all of those calories? That’s right – stored them, every last one of those pesky calories probably went straight to my thighs.

And that’s exactly why starving yourself just doesn’t work. Of course, this idea is deeply rooted in thinking: “Okay, I got overweight because I ate too much… so if I eat LESS, I should lose weight!”




“And if I eat EVEN LESS, even better!”


Uh, not so much.


“And if I eat NOTHING – wow, I’ll lose weight SO fast!”


Ok stop. First of all, the human body is a beautiful thing in that it is so complex. Now, the biological reason behind your body storing fat is so that it can use that fat in times of famine when there is no food to be found. It basically is a cushiony and squishy defence system against starvation.


“Ah HA! So I should starve myself then I’ll go through those fat stores like crazy!”


Not so fast. When there is a food shortage, your body will eat away your muscle before it burns any of your body fat. Now why would your body do something like that? Muscle actually burns calories by just sitting there, so in a time of starvation, the body needs to get rid of anything that takes more energy to upkeep – as a matter of preservation. Muscles are “calorie expensive”, they take energy just to exist.


So, by burning the muscle first, your metabolism slows down… slows WAY down. Your body is trying to lower your metabolism in order to survive on the little calories that you are giving it. And eventually, your body will adapt to those low calories and eventually you will lose fat.


Now that you have just killed your metabolism, guess what happens when you start eating food again?

That’s right – fat attack! Your body now has a lowered and brutalized metabolism and cannot easily adjust to this new intake of food… hence why so many of us end up yo-yo dieting.


So that’s why eating a balanced diet that is high in nutrients and protein that will FEED your muscles is actually the better approach to weight loss.


NOT starving yourself.


Yours in Health;

SQ Coach


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