What Can I Drink When Taking SLIMQUICK?

Happy Monday everyone… as you may or may not know, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Now whether you choose to celebrate this holiday or not – it has brought up the question of what can you DRINK while you are on the 25 Pound Challenge; and more importantly – am I allowed to be consuming “adult” beverages.

Note: You should never be mixing your dosage of  SLIMQUICK with alcohol.


As for social drinkers; does this mean that you need  to cut out that glass of red wine during your Valentines Day dinner? Well, that depends. If you are truly serious about your weight loss, my suggestion would be to cut out all alcohol consumption during the weeks that you are serious about losing the weight. I will tell you why.

Alcohol is full of empty calories and it actually stimulates your appetite!

Where a glass of water sets you back no calories and can actually work to combat hunger… alcohol itself (depending on the type) can set you back 100 – 200 calories per serving. And while on it’s own, 100 – 200 extra calories will not set you back, having 2-3 glasses can quickly add up. In addition, alcohol has an effect on your appetite. It actually can increase your appetite; while lowing inhibitions and so you are more likely to give into that cheesecake at the end of the meal.

So for as long as you are on SLIMQUICK and are plugging away at the 25 Pound Challenge, I strongly suggest that you try to avoid alcoholic beverages – maybe save it as a reward or a treat when you hit a milestone in your weight loss! More on hitting milestones and setting small goals in the next blog! Until next time;





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