How Weight Loss Could Rocket Launch Your Sex Life!

Academics often pin Western society as a culture that’s obsessed with sex. The irony is, while we may be the generation that’s more giddy to get some, what we actually got some more of is a growing number of people who struggle with low libido, reduced sexual desire, performance issues and unsatisfactory sex lives.

What have we done to deserve the royal shaft instead of the love shaft? Investigation into this unfortunate phenomenon has discovered some of the key causes screwing with your sex life, as well as some key ways to potentially transform it from mediocre to mind-blowing.

The Skinny on Sex By Slimquick Pure

The Skinny On Sex

It goes without saying that one of the largest injustices of living in a sexual society like ours is the fact that it steeps you in only one kind of sex – the kind that only involves size 4 bikini models and their smooth, ripply-chested boyfriends. Powerful ads, media images and cultural messages all sing the same tawdry tune: Slim is sexy. Good sex is for desperate housewives in skinny jeans. Thigh-mastered maidens can have orgasms in the sun while the rest of us should hide alone in the dark under the covers.

The consequences of these kinds of messages have been severe, reports the Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Texas, which has found a strong link between sex drive and body confidence. Poor self-esteem and body image not only impedes the mind, but it also impedes the body from being capable of normal, healthy sexual responses, resulting in dampened desire, poor performance and failed fulfillment.

Moreover, research is also starting to show that it’s not just social prejudice that’s relegating overweight people to the sexual outskirts, instead of under them. Carrying extra pounds also leads to physical conditions that get in the way of good mojo.

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The more body fat you have, the more SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) you have circulating in your blood. This chemical de-activates the sexually arousing powers of sex hormones inside your body, fizzling out sexual desire in both men and women. Also, insulin resistance and high cholesterol (that often come with being overweight) can cause plaque build-up in the blood vessels of the genitals, preventing sexual arousal and sensation while also leading to performance problems and dysfunction in both men and women. Many people with higher BMIs (body mass index) also complain of low stamina in the bedroom, and physical discomfort during sex. And what path does this combination of low self-esteem, lack-luster libido and sexual frustration turn many people down? More emotional eating. This turns sexual issues into a depressing downward spiral.

Sex After Giving BIrth

How To Stoke Your Sex Furnace

But here’s something that may give you a rise: experts say that losing just 10 pounds could already begin lowering SHBG hormones enough to make you start feeling more randy.

Not only that – the combination of effective weight loss supplements for women, healthy diet and regular exercise can have other sex-boosting effects.  Eating more weight-loss friendly foods, like fruits and vegetables, lowers cholesterol and improves blood circulation, helping you feel more warm and fuzzy down there again, and helping him get his game on – and stay on. Regular exercise also increases pelvic circulation to the genitals, while also boosting arousing sex hormones and feel-good endorphins – an excellent post-workout recipe for a rip-my-clothes-off romp of the century.

And, most importantly, feeling healthier and better about your self is exactly what the sexologist ordered. After all, it feels great to be sexy – and nothing is sexier than a woman who feels great about herself.

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