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Cravings? Tips on how to stop them!
We all know the story… you started your SLIMQUICK program, started eating right and exercising daily. At first your hunger has been curbed, you stick to snacks that are healthy and full of fiber… then – the cravings strike!  A full bag of potato chips later, you are left with salty crumbs all over your lips and a deep feeling… Read More
What is a BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)?
Many people don’t outright ask: “Hey, what is my Basal Metabolic Rate?” However, I think that most people should. Actually, a lot of people do ask this question – but just in a more indirect way.   Asking: “How many calories should I be consuming in a day?” is pretty much the same thing as asking what your BMR is.… Read More
A Beginner’s Guide To Tightening Your Tummy!
So you have decided to start a workout program to trim and tone your tummy  but you are unsure of where to start? A big question that I get from Challengers are exercises to minimize the belly area (a very common women’s problem area). My first response to this is that: YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE. Doing a million crunches every… Read More
What is Raspberry Ketone?
You may have noticed a brand new product in the SLIMQUICK family on the website when you click on either the “Products” or the “Store”. .   It is SLIMQUICK Raspberry Ketone! That’s right – the supplement raspberry ketone has long been buzzed about and it is now available within the SLIMQUICK family. It also comes in a soft-gel format, providing… Read More
Tips To Sticking to Your New Years Resolution
2013 is finally here, leaving behind 2012. What usually comes along with a promise of a fresh start are new years resolutions. This year will be the year that you start paying attention to your body and finally lose the stubborn weight! The new year is actually a great time to start a weight loss plan as a resolution; the… Read More
Calories are Not Created Equal
    Calories are NOT created equal! Did any of you hear about that guy on the Twinkie diet?   Okay so for those who haven’t – here’s the deal. Apparantly this nutritional professor ate lost 27 pounds eating nothing but twinkies, processed foods, doritios… the list goes on. He limited his calories, and ended up losing the weight… which… Read More
Using the Community Section on the Website
Thousands of women visit for many reasons every week – to get more information, to find success stories, to do their research, to join the 25 lb Challenge… and most importantly, to connect with other like-minded women in the Community Section. The Community Section is a little bit hidden on the website. If you go to the upper right… Read More
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