The SLIMQUICK Sugar Detox

Overconsumption of sugar (in ALL forms) can cause some scary health issues including an elevated risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and weight gain. All of these issues tend to be interconnected, which is why I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate a mini sugar detox while on the SLIMQUICK 25 Pound Challenge.

The 25 Pound Challenge lasts about 90 days, and many women tell me that even while they are trying to eat healthier, sometimes the craving for something sweet and delectable. So, what a sugar detox will help you do is actually overcome what can feel like an addiction to it. Research has shown that when you consume sugar, your body actually releases a hormone called serotonin – causing you to experience feelings of happiness; also known as a “sugar rush”. Unfortunately, the rush is temporary. Pretty soon, you will be reaching for another cookie, and another… and another.

Are You A Sugar Addict?

Are You A Sugar Addict?

With the overconsumption of sugar, you can also develop a tolerance to it. One day you are only taking one tsp of sugar with your coffee or tea, and then the next thing you know… it’s up to 3 tsp. But, there is hope. you can reverse the effects of this sugar addition by simply cutting sugar out for 20 – 30 days. I would recommend you try doing this in the few weeks of starting the SLIMQUICK program!

First step is to READ LABELS. If any of the below ingredients show up in the labels, do not EAT IT. Save it for post-detox.

Agave nectar
Agave syrup
Barley malt
Beet sugar
Brown rice syrup
Brown sugar
Buttered syrup
Cane sugar
Cane juice
Cane juice crystals
Carob syrup
Confectioner’s sugar
Corn syrup
High fructose corn syrup
Corn sugar
Corn sweetener
Corn syrup solids
Crystalized fructose
Date sugar
Diastatic malt
Evaporated cane juice
Fruit juice
Fruit juice concentrate
Glucose solids
Golden sugar
Golden syrup
Grape sugar
Grape juice concentrate
Invert sugar
Maple syrup
Raw sugar
Refiner’s syrup
Sorghum syrup
Turbinado sugar
Yellow sugar

You CAN, however, keep in natural sugars such as whole fruits, which contain some essential vitamins and minerals for your body’s well-being. For more meal ideas on what to do while on a sugar detox, stay tuned tomorrow!




  • Rachel says:

    Hey! What do you recommend as far as sugar substitutes? I am trying to avoid those too although I have a tsp of stevia in my coffee each day. I am using the slim quick drink packets which have aspartame. I have taken a break from them after realizing they have Red dye 40 which I try to avoid due to doctors advice for a thyroid condition. I’m also afraid of drinking the Blue Dye 1 everyday because of the study showing colon damage to mice who were only eating a small amount. The drinks definitely helped me lose weight but I’m really hoping you will have a natural version of the drinks soon!!!

  • Diane says:

    what do you think of Nectresse?


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