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Healthy Mouth-Watering Burger Recipes

Mouth-watering juicy burger, flame-grilled your way, seasoned to perfection, freshly cut crisp toppings, bursting with flavor, sink your teeth into summer….says the deep masculine voice as shooting red charcoal flames lick the surface of a sweating grill ready to broil up the answer to every carnivorous prayer you’ve ever had… Too bad that soggy fast food hamburger never quite manages… Read More

Thai Quinoa Salad

Here’s a delicious vegan dinner that you can throw together for a Meatless Monday or for any other day of the week that calls for a quick, easy, delicious, filling and low-calorie meal. The base of this salad is quinoa, which is a mild-flavored gluten-free pseudo-grain that outranks all other grains when it comes to high and easily-digestible protein content.… Read More

Can Going Vegetarian Help with Weight Loss?

Question: Meat is high in protein, I know that is good for weight loss, but meat is also high in fat and cholesterol. If I stop eating meat and start eating only vegetarian, will it be easier for me to lose weight?   The SLIMQUICK Coach: Great question! The short answer is: “it depends”. The merits of eating strictly vegetarian… Read More

High-Protein Low-Fat Vegetarian Chickpea Burgers Recipe

You may have stored away your outdoor grill for the season’s end, but that doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to mouth-watering burgers in the meantime. These vegetarian, low-fat and low-cholesterol burgers warm up your taste buds with Middle-eastern herbs and spices. Serve them beside Lebanese tabbouleh or Israeli salad, and you can create an entire international culinary… Read More

Mouth-Watering Vegetarian Chili

As warm days grow chilly, it’s time to start thinking about warming comfort foods that sooth the body and soul without the added fat or unhealthy ingredients. Vegetarian chili is a great way to keep your diet high in fat-blasting veggies as temperatures dip lower outside, satisfying you with fibre-filled, protein-packed and nutritious plant foods that heat up your mouth… Read More

7 No-Bread Savory Sandwiches

Bread becomes Public Enemy #1 for dieters watching their carbs or gluten intake. This can be a hard transition for sandwich lovers. After all, there’s just something about a good sandwich that taps into your eat-with-your-hands-happy-inner-child, isn’t there? The good news is that, even after bread banishment, you can still have your sandwich and eat it too. Check out these… Read More

No-Cook Mexican 3-Bean Salad

When you’re in too much of a hurry – or when you’re just feeling too lazy – it’s good to have some healthy, impromptu, no-cook meal recipes on hand to ensure that you stick to your weight loss diet while still satisfying your taste buds, schedule and electricity bills. Low in fat and cholesterol while high in fat-busting fiber, protein… Read More