How To Stay On Track During Family Events

Memorial Day has just passed and for many of us, holidays and special events can usually take a toll on the waistline. What is a girl who is on the 25 Pound Challenge to do? Keeping track on a sensible and healthy diet is no challenge at all during the week, where routine can reign supreme. It is another matter entirely when the pressure of a family event can cause you to give in to foods that you KNOW aren’t that great for you, and furthermore – sometimes aren’t even foods you would choose to eat.

family eating dinner during celebration

Staying on Track When Family is Pressuring You To Cheat on your Diet!

Why the Pressure to Eat?

During family events, there tends to be an intensified pressure from family members to “fill your plate”. And sometimes even when you TELL everyone that you are on a diet, the pressure can sometimes even be worse. So what can you do about this? The best thing to do is to try not to make a huge deal or  fuss about why you are eating or not eating certain items. Many times, people will try to apply pressure on you to eat when they know that someone else is on a diet.

Many people, even if they mean well, will try to  undermine your efforts to eat healthy while during family events, mainly due to the fact that your dedication to a diet or to your eating plan highlights that perhaps they themselves are not eating quite so healthy. It doesn’t mean that they do not want what’s best for you, it’s just that eating is a very social thing!

Do not Starve Yourself at Social Events

That being said, do not starve yourself at events. Fun summer events coming up are likely to include picnics and patio weather. There are always healthier options at these things. If it is a potluck, take the opportunity to bring along something that completely fits the SLIMQUICK 25 Pound Challenge plan! Food is not the enemy, it is simply about making healthier choices.

Picnics provide a great way to choose healthier food options at family events

Picnics provide a great way to choose healthier food options at family events

Try not to eat the potato salad and have a real salad instead. Opt for the grilled chicken burger instead of the one topped with a pound of cheese and glistening in fat. That being said, if you are using the family event as a way to treat yourself after a week of being compliant on your eating plan, then enjoy wisely. Try to keep the cheating to the one meal, if you spend the whole day mindlessly eating, then your cheat at the family event can actually mean the undermining of your whole diet plan and then you will message me on the message board on SLIMQUICK wondering why you are not seeing results.

Choose a Smarter and Diet-Friendly Drink

You can have alcoholic beverages at these events, but try to stick to drinks of the less sugary variety and sip – don’t gulp. A lighter beer, wine or soda mix are usually safe bets. Try to even drink just soda water with a squeeze of lime. Staying hydrated is a great way to prevent the mindless eating that I was talking about before. You can even bring along your SLIMQUICK mixed drink packets, just don’t mix them with alcohol!

Hopefully all those tips help you to stay on track during family events as picnic and BBQ season picks up in the next few month and you do not undo all the hard work you have done on SLIMQUICK so far. Remember to leave a comment below if you have additional tips on how to stay on track!


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