Spinach, Feta & Broccoli Spaghetti Squash Bowls
spaghettie squash

Bowls are making a major come-back these days. That’s why everything from bread to tacos to smoothies have been getting epic bowl-inspired image makeovers from their Instagram stylists.

So why fight fashion? Go bowling for dinner.

Here’s a dinner bowl that you don’t even have to wash afterwards.

Low-calorie spaghetti squash noodles (is it spaghetti? is it squash? it’s both, but lower in carbs and tastes like neither) in parsley butter are tossed with lightly steamed broccoli and spinach amidst creamy feta crumbles, fashionably served up in the latest style – sunny yellow bowls made of left-over squash skins.

Beautiful, healthy and incredibly simple, this dish (ehem, bowl) packs a whopping load of nutrients into a very meager amount of calories, making a perfectly light, delicious, satisfying and complete entrée.

AND. No bowls to wash after dinner. Anyone mention that yet?

Spinach, Feta & Broccoli Spaghetti Squash Bowls


1 small spaghetti squashspinach in basket

2 tsp grass-fed butter

1 cup fresh parsley, chopped

1 cup broccoli pieces

3 cups fresh baby spinach, chopped

2 Tbsp crumbled feta cheese

Salt and cracked black pepper, to taste


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Wash the spaghetti squash and lightly pierce its skin surface in several different places with a fork, for better heat circulation while baking.

Place the squash in a glass baking dish, and fill the dish with 1 or 2 inches of water. Bake the whole squash in the oven for 45 minutes. Then remove the squash from the oven and allow it to cool enough to touch.

While the squash is cooling, boil some water in a pot and then lower to a rolling simmer. Place the broccoli and spinach in a steamer basket, set the basket over the simmering water (don’t let the water touch the bottom of the steamer basket), cover and steam for 4 to 5 minutes. Then remove the steamer basket from the pot and set the veggies aside.

Once the squash is cool enough to touch (but still quite warm), cut the squash in half lengthwise. Scoop out and discard the seeds from each squash half with a spoon. With a fork, begin to scrape the inner flesh of each squash half with long strokes, extracting noodle-like strands of squash, and place these noodles into a large bowl. Set the hollowed-out squash skins aside.

Add the butter, chopped parsley, salt and pepper to the squash noodles and toss everything together well, folding the butter in to the warm noodles until melted, liquidy and dispersed. Toss in the steamed broccoli and wilted spinach.

Divide the veggie noodle mixture between the two hollowed squash skin bowls. Sprinkle crumbled feta and some more chopped parsley, salt and pepper over top each bowl, and serve.

Serves 2.

Nutrition Facts per Bowl: 229 calories/7g fat/39g total carbs/15g dietary fiber/16g protein


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