Slimming Down your Coffee

I have been receiving quite a few ladies who are on the 25 Pound Challenge regarding if they can still have coffee while on SLIMQUICK. This is not as as simple of an answer as you may home, unfortunately. I myself need my morning java to finally “wake up” and get ready for the day, I have since been attempting to cut back, but it is an ongoing process.


Back to the question at hand. SLIMQUICK (unless you are on the Caffeine Free version) contains caffeine. The amount of caffeine in a full dosage of SLIMQUICK is roughly equivalent to 2 8-ounce cups of black coffee; so if you are taking coffee along with your dosage of SLIMQUICK, then you may find yourself overdoing it on the caffeine and start feeling jittery or edgy. This can be avoided by drinking your coffee decaf, or spacing out when you have your coffee from when you take SLIMQUICK.

This is assuming that you are, in fact, an avid coffee drinker. But wait! Coffee can have some hidden culprits that can minimize and even stunt your weight loss, and when you are trying to lose weight rapidly…. every calorie can count.


Don’t Drink Your Calories

One Tsp of Sugar = 16 calories

One Tsp of Half-and-Half Cream = 20 calories

So if you are having a couple sugars and a couple tsps of cream in your coffee, it can add up quickly. This does not mean that it will derail your weight loss, but it is something to bear in mind. Also something to keep in mind, that many of those special coffees (lattes, frappes, etc.) can really be a meal in a cup – and not in a good way. For example: a small mocha can run you an extra 255 calories!!! I would rather eat 225 calories than drink it, just saying!

If you are really craving a gourmet coffee fix, here’s some ways you can keep it slim:

– order it “skinny” (uses skim milk and non-sugary syrup)

– order a small size

– no whip or light whip

– double the espresso shot so that it doesn’t need as much milk in it

Overall, I suggest that while on the SLIMQUICK 25 Pound Challenge, you avoid extra coffee… but if you simply MUST have it, try to order it black – trust me, you get used to it ;)


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  • Anonymous says:

    GREAT help – and yes, you will get used to it black (try Peets – great flavor ! ! ! ! ! !


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