Proven Ways to Sabotage Your Weight Loss

SLIMQUICK_CoachTime for some tough-love from the SLIMQUICK Coach ladies. A number of you have emailed me wondering what they could possibly be doing wrong. So I made a quick and dirty list in regards to the things that are probably sabotaging your progress! Are you guilty of the SLIMQUICK slim-down sins?

1.) Drinking Alcohol

If you are drinking more than one alcoholic beverage daily, this can severely hamper your weight loss. Do not drink your calories, ladies!

2.) Eating Late At Night (or before bed)

The exception being if you workout late and need to eat post-workout. Night time eating tends to be more about cravings rather than hunger so you will likely pick unhealthy choices that can go directly into storage.

3.) Skipping Breakfast

Stop this, it only slows down your metabolism. Eat something for breakfast, not just coffee. Research shows that eating an apple first thing in the morning will actually wake you up as much as a cup of coffee would!

4.) Eating Only One Meal a Day

I know we are all very busy, but this happens far too often.

5.) Chowing Down on Corn

Corn is NOT a vegetable, contrary to belief. At best, it is a grain… a sugary grain to boot. Try cutting out all things corn. This includes corn syrup, corn oil, corn starch… the list can go on.

Can you think of any other SLIM-down sins?


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