Getting Motivated and Staying Motivated

As most people will tell you, winter has been long… too long. So how does someone who has the end goal of weight-loss get motivated and stay there? Due to the fact that it is undeniably “sweater season”, what this means is that many body hang ups can easily (and thankfully!) be hidden amongst copious layers, cute stretchy and comfy fabrics, and the avoidance of the swimwear section. Now this winter season can’t last forever, although I am sure to many of us that it has already overstayed its welcome.

What I tell many of my clients is that summer bodies are built in the winter. You shouldn’t start the 25 Pound SLIMQUICK Pure Challenge when you are checking out swimwear in spring, you should be thinking about it now. But of course, how to stay motivated when the weather just makes you want to stay inside and eat warm and comforting (READ: fat-laden and delicious) food? Who feels like a salad when the weather just begs you to be eating something creamy?

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I have compiled my 5 main tips to not only getting motivated, but STAYING motivated. And let me tell you, although it seems like a body-issue, much of this can be a mental and emotional game as well. How many times have you woken up to stay “Today is the day I am going to eat sensibly, take my SLIMQUICK Pure consistently and work out” only to have something derail you slightly and suddenly you find yourself face deep in a bag of potato chips.

Trust me, I have been there. But the good news is: there is a way out! Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself … no matter how far away summer or the end result may be. Just one step at a time, right? So without further ado, below are my 3 TOP SLIMQUICK Pure tips on how not only to GET motivated but how to STAY motivated (once you have made the commitment to yourself that things are going to change!!!)

Tip # 1: Pick Your Goal

This sounds easy,but really many people just think to themselves (ah, I could use to lose a few pounds). But what is the end goal? Don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG. Think in really solid terms. Is there a target outfit that you wish you could wear, do you want to finally look in the mirror and accept your body, or do you just want to lose 10lbs by next month? Sometimes, it’s easier to just think: Every Day I am Going to Hold Plank for as Long as I Can. That in itself gives you something to focus on and to hold on to when you motivation may waver.

Tip #2: Tell People You Trust About Your Need For Motivation

Key point here is telling people you can trust. That way when your motivation does take a hit, they can remind you just how fabulous you are and why you even started in the first place. It may take more than a few days to achieve what you are looking for, but having that support along the way can mean all the difference between reaching your goal and giving up entirely.

Tip #3: Forgive Yourself for Slip Ups

You can’t be perfect as you strive to reach your goals. There will always be set backs and if someone said that they achieved their weight-loss or lifestyle change without some sort of back track or a “mess up” then they are lying! The thing to do is when you do have a slight mishap, try to focus on what made that happen and then use it as a way to improve your journey. Sometimes these little mistakes are blessings in disguise.

Finally (and this is not really a tip); join like-minded ladies on either the SLIMQUICK Pure message board or on Facebook. Having the courage to share what your goals are with the community are a great way to offer support as we all push to those summer bodies together!

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