How To Cheat Properly


Yes you heard me – CHEAT! It can totally be okay to cheat on your diet a little bit, especially after being compliant for many weeks in a row. However, I like to stick to the 80/20 rule. So long as your meals are 80% on point and healthy and on plan, you can afford a little cheat here and there.


If you have been following the SLIMQUICK Mix and Match diet, you will notice that you are given a lot of options of different foods to have to lose those 25lbs in 13 weeks. But let’s face it, sometimes that little slice of chocolate cake is calling your name and all you want to say to it is “YES”.

As a Coach, I get numerous questions about if it is “okay” to cheat. And the answer is actually a little complicated. Cheating has much to do with your metabolism as it has to do with your mental and emotional well being, so it is important to keep both things in mind when setting up a cheat meal.


Rule #1: Make sure that you have been compliant on your plan for at least 3 weeks before setting up a cheat.

Rule #2: Make sure that your cheat is a cheat MEAL as opposed to a whole day of cheating. A meal can rev up your metabolism whereas a whole day can set your progress back a week.

Rule #3: Try to position your cheat meal after you have had a great workout or sweat session. Your body will use all those extra calories to fuel your muscles instead of storing it as fat.

If you have any other rules to add to the list let me know! What are some of your favorite cheat meals!








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