Helpful Weight Loss Tips from the SQ Family

SLIMQUICK_CoachLast Friday, I had issued a challenge to the females of the SLIMQUICK Facebook Community to come together and share what they thought were their most helpful weight loss tips. The response was astounding! The promise of a free bottle of SLIMQUICK probably helped, but even after the product was given away, many responses kept pouring in. After compiling duplicates and top answers, lo and behold! Below you will find a compilation of the most helpful weight loss tips from YOU – our supportive SLIMQUICK community. Enjoy, and if you wish to add to the list, feel free to do so in the comments section.

– Drink Water! Stay hydrated because thirst can commonly be mistaken for hunger.

– Moderation is key; if you want a cookie, have it – but don’t eat the whole box because you feel that you “blew your diet already”.

– Eat smaller meals at the same time each day.

– Remove all processed foods from your diet.

– Hit your calorie count! Not eating enough calories can actually stall your weight loss.

– Exercise daily and try to find a weight loss or workout buddy to stay motivated.

– Be patient! (This is a good one.)

– Track what you are eating.

– Compliment yourself daily and love yourself!

– Make healthier versions of foods that you are craving. ie. Mashed Cauliflower or Mashed Squash

– Never give up, even when you experience setbacks.

– Use cinnamon and honey in place of sugar.

– Get the right amount of sleep; your body needs it.

– Have a great support system (husband and kids) to keep you motivated.

– Take your SLIMQUICK every day and find creative ways to use it. (One put SLIMQUICK Mixed Berries into ice cube trays as a way to cool down after a Zumba class – how creative!)

– Think of weight loss as a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful responses, look back to this page often whenever you feel that you need motivation to keep on keepin’ on!

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  • Troy Deleon says:

    I agree, moderation is really the key, losing weight is not that hard thing to do if we are strong enough to handle temptations. Having a good and healthy lifestyle is very important.


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