Feeling “Stuffed” and other Diet Pitfalls of the Holiday Season

With the coming of December, it is clear that the holiday season is upon us! But what does that mean in terms of our weight loss goals and our waistlines? Does this mean that we just throw caution to the wind and leave the weight loss for the looming New Years Resolution in 2014?

Gain Presents and Not Pounds!

Gain Presents and Not Pounds!

Not so. Enjoying the the holidays does not mean that you have to completely indulge in every last item of food – hence, feeling “stuffed”. I asked our lovely community of SLIMQUICK ladies on Facebook about some helpful tips and tricks to help get them through the holiday season eating fest and here is what they said:

– Drop the word “diet” from your vocabulary… it is a lifestyle change after all. Do not deprive yourself of the foods that you really want but just watch the portions!

– Surround yourself with positive saying and images to keep your goals on track. It sounds cheesy, but if you believe it is true… you can influence your behavior.

– Do not deprive yourself or let yourself think that you can’t indulge a little bit; just make sure that your overall calories hit your targets.

– Stock up on your SLIMQUICK and don’t forget to follow your workout routine even when things get hectic.

– Don’t completely lose control just because you are planning on losing weight in 2014, it’s not too late to get a head start on your weight loss goals now!

Any more to add? Shoot me an email: sqcoach@www.myslimquick.com



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