“Crash Diets” … Why They Don’t Work

A “crash diet” is known as a diet that is extreme in it’s nutritional deprivations, and usually involves severely restricting your calorie intake on a daily basis. SLIMQUICK does not by any means advocate using a crash diet along with even taking the 25 Pound Challenge for a few reasons:

– wreaks havoc on your metabolism as it slows down your body’s ability to burn fat

– while there is some initial weight loss it can quickly lead to a cycle of yo-yo dieting

– lack of proper nutrition – just not healthy


Crash diets are also known as “fad diets” can be anything from the Cabbage Soup Diet to the a Liquid Diet to a dangerously low 500 – 800 calorie a day diet. It is normal to find the idea of a crash diet attractive, it offers a type of quick fix solution to weight gain, but it is by no means long term.

The SLIMQUICK Mix and Match diet has you eating between 1300 – 1400 calories a day from a variety of food sources. While you do not have to follow the diet program to be successful at the 25 Pound Challenge, it takes the guess work out of figuring out how many calories you are consuming in a day, and will ensure that not only are you not OVER eating but also that you are not UNDER eating as well.

The important thing to keep in mind is to remember if these new dietary habits are something that you will be able to sustain long term. Come on, can you really be eating cabbage soup every day for the rest of your life? Being so restrictive on a diet plan – ANY diet plan; can set you up to disappoint yourself and that is not what body transformation is about. It is about empowering yourself and becoming stronger… both inside and out!


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  • what if ur eating healthy and often but still only make it to 1000 or up to 1200? im not starving by any means but i also dont want to eat until im overly full just to meet the 1500 goal


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