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Getting Motivated and Staying Motivated

As most people will tell you, winter has been long… too long. So how does someone who has the end goal of weight-loss get motivated and stay there? Due to the fact that it is undeniably “sweater season”, what this means is that many body hang ups can easily (and thankfully!) be hidden amongst copious layers, cute stretchy and comfy… Read More

Green Smoothies and SLIMQUICK

As someone who is extremely busy and with many things on the go, like many of you ladies are, I can appreciate a meal that is quick, easy and both delicious and nutritious. You may have noticed the rise of something known as “green smoothies”. Green smoothies are commonly made with green leafy veggies such as spinach, kale, swiss chard,… Read More

Helpful Weight Loss Tips from the SQ Family

Last Friday, I had issued a challenge to the females of the SLIMQUICK Facebook Community to come together and share what they thought were their most helpful weight loss tips. The response was astounding! The promise of a free bottle of SLIMQUICK probably helped, but even after the product was given away, many responses kept pouring in. After compiling duplicates… Read More

What Can I Drink When Taking SLIMQUICK?

Happy Monday everyone… as you may or may not know, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Now whether you choose to celebrate this holiday or not – it has brought up the question of what can you DRINK while you are on the 25 Pound Challenge; and more importantly – am I allowed to be consuming “adult” beverages. Note:… Read More

What is Raspberry Ketone?

You may have noticed a brand new product in the SLIMQUICK family on the website when you click on either the “Products” or the “Store”. .   It is SLIMQUICK Raspberry Ketone! That’s right – the supplement raspberry ketone has long been buzzed about and it is now available within the SLIMQUICK family. It also comes in a soft-gel format, providing… Read More

Why Starving Yourself Does NOT Work

  Weight does not magically fall off your body when you stop eating, believe me.   I was approximately 14 when attempted my first STARVATION diet; needless to say that it lasted all of 8 hours before I ravenously pigged out on assorted random things in the pantry like white bread and Nutella. Now what do you think happened to… Read More

Using the Community Section on the Website

Thousands of women visit for many reasons every week – to get more information, to find success stories, to do their research, to join the 25 lb Challenge… and most importantly, to connect with other like-minded women in the Community Section. The Community Section is a little bit hidden on the website. If you go to the upper right… Read More