Burning Calories or Burning Fat?

What would you rather do… burn calories or burn fat? This could have been a trick question just in time for Halloween, but it actually isn’t. Before we go further, let’s clarify what “calories” are and what “fat” is within this context.


Calories are what you body needs to function. I like to relate it to gas in your car. You need the gas to run the car; anything from your heart beating to exercise all require calories. How many calories should you be consuming in a day? Please see my post on how to figure out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) here.

Now, fat is the rather unsightly result of consuming too many calories. This does not mean eating over your Basal Metabolic Rate, it is simply … if I am to use the car metaphor again… let’s say you gas up your car planning on driving 1000 km but only make it 300 km, you will have 700km left over at the end of the day and that will get converted into fat for later storage (for days when you do not have enough calories to make it).

So what would you rather do? Both!

To burn fat, you need to be  in a deficit of calories so that your body will tap into its storage for energy. That is how it will (indirectly) burn fat. By burning extra calories, you will force your body to burn fat all over your body. Now, unfortunately, you will NOT be able to spot reduce your tummy, thighs etc. You will lose a percentage of body fat EVERYWHERE; but I promise as long as you take your SLIMQUICK and remain consistent that you will get to the body that you want!

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