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Weight Loss Recipe: Super-Seed Power Breakfast
Harness the health-boosting chi of seeds in this delicious, easy and energizing power breakfast. Packed with pound purging fiber, cholesterol cutting omega 3 fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins and minerals, this warming bowl of oats ‘n seeds will not only satisfy your tummy but will also release a steady stream of good energy throughout your busy morning. You can make things… Read More
5 Secrets to Making Desserts Healthier
5 Ways to Make Desserts More Healthy & Weight Loss Friendly 1.) Amp up the Flour Power. Eating more fiber every day can seriously boost your weight loss. Eating more fiber-less refined flour, on the other hand, can seriously bust your waist band. So swapping out all-purpose flour, cake flour, or any kind of refined flour from your dessert recipes… Read More
The Weight-Loss Salad Myth Busted (Bust Real Belly Fat Instead)
Women’s Weight Loss 101: Munch on salad all day. If only it really were. Unfortunately, lettuce loading doesn’t always work. This is hardly news to thousands of women still drop-kicking their unmoving bathroom scales, despite several months of lack-luster leafy lunches and iceberg bulging salad suppers. In fact – horror of horrors – some people even wind up heavier since… Read More
Beet & Beef Bone Broth
Why is your grandmother’s ancient stalk soup recipe all the rage with new-age healthies again? It’s because documented studies are now confirming what Nana has been saying all along: there’s nothing like a good bowl of chicken soup to stick to the ribs and heal the body, mind and soul. Slow cooked soups made with chicken or beef bones create… Read More
REAL SLIMQUICK® Pure Story – Nikki
Real SLIMQUICK® Pure Customer Stories  Nicole Blatkewicz   Hi:) I have lost 30lbs on slimquick pure regular strength:) I just purchased the extra strength pure, is it much stronger then the regular? Thanks Nikki first reached out to us in April of 2014 on Facebook, curious about our extra strength caplets.  She notified us that she had lost 30lbs with SLIMQUICK®… Read More
5 Low-Fat Foods You Should STOP Eating
In the past 40 years, low-fat food options have become just as common-place in grocery stores as the traditional basics like milk and eggs (and you can get those in low-fat too). Why, then, have weight gain, obesity, and weight-related illnesses become more common-place then ever during the exact same time period? A few features of the low-fat food revolution… Read More
Cupid Turns Weight Loss Wishes into Realities…
Dear Cupid, Last year, my goal was for a fatter bank account and a slimmer set of thighs. It seems that I got the two mixed up. So let’s try this again: This year, instead of a box of chocolate, could you could help me out by sending me a box of magical gummies that could actually make my butt… Read More
High-Protein Vegan Lentil Soup
Weight Loss Recipe of the Week:  High-Protein Vegan Lentil Soup This light vegan soup packs a powerful protein punch while involving very little ingredients or prep time. You can throw this flavorful, hassle-free weight loss soup together in no time at all, with only simple items you have on hand in your pantry. Pour into a mug and quietly sip,… Read More
5 Weird Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight
Even when you’re fighting the Women’s Weight Loss War with everything’s you’ve got, there are still times when you feel like you’re losing (by not losing, that is). Nothing can feel more frustrating. You’ve cut calories, you’ve dragged your butt to the gym, you’ve stayed strong through tempting bouts of midnight munchies, you’ve cleaned up your lifestyle, started making healthy… Read More
How to Stop Emotional Eating from Sabotaging Your Weight Loss
A chance ménage a trios with Ben & Jerry after a particularly stressful day at work isn’t anything to panic over. But how do you stop the occasional pick-me-up treat from turning into a regular emotional eating habit that stands in the way of weight loss success? And if you find yourself already trapped in a destructive emotional eating cycle,… Read More
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