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Fire Up My Metabolism AND Libido? YES PLEASE!

November 24, 2014

Do you want to look hot? Do you want to get naked? Do you want to look hot naked? Do you want get naked, hot ‘n heavy? If you answered yes to any of these – or all of these – then it’s time to check out some of nature’s dirty little secrets that can… Read More

Pantry Basics: How to Swap Out Guilty Pleasures for Weight Loss Treasures

November 18, 2014

7 Pantry Staples for Successful Women’s Weight Loss You’re determined to make a fresh start on your women’s weight loss program.  And so, with brave resolve, you’ve emptied your cupboards of all the processed, greasy, fatty, sugary and salty temptations that keep whispering your name in the middle of the night. And while you’re watching… Read More

SLIMQUICK Pure Recipe: Well Balanced Weight-Loss Smoothie

November 14, 2014

For days when you’re on the run, but don’t want to skip a meal, stunt your metabolism and ruin your women’s weight loss eating program…meet the perfect smoothie. Balanced with protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates and healthy fats, this delicious concoction makes for an ideal, healthy meal replacement when you don’t have time to sit down to… Read More

5 Small Ways to Drop Big Pounds TODAY

November 12, 2014

Trying to drop dress sizes overnight with a sudden and complete lifestyle overhaul can be very challenging. It can also end just as suddenly and completely in a three a.m. panic attack, from which only Haagen Dazs can talk you down from. Studies in behavioral sciences show that changes that happen gradually, in small steps,… Read More

Men Who Gain Too Much Have Far More to Lose

November 4, 2014

While trying to responsibly stick to your weight lose program, it’s nice to have a good man by your side that really supports you. A man that tells you what a wonderful thing you’re doing for yourself. A man that encourages you through all the rough patches. A man that cheers for you through all… Read More

What Is A Well Balanced Meal Anyways?

October 30, 2014

Your childhood probably echoes with people nagging you about this. You may even find yourself saying it to your own kids. ”You have to eat a well-balanced meal…was that a well-balanced meal, Mister?…you can have dessert after you’ve eaten a well-balanced meal…” Did you ever stop to wonder what that really means? What kind of… Read More

Weight Loss Recipe of the Week: Brussels Sprouts that You’ll Actually Love (Seriously)

October 23, 2014

Are horrible childhood memories of palatal agony conjured up just from seeing the words “Brussels sprouts”? Well, time to turn over a new leaf with this nutrient-packed, high-fiber, immune-boosting, cancer-protecting cruciferous vegetable that super-accelerates women’s weight loss. In fact, after trying this recipe, you may even (read: you absolutely WILL) find yourself seeking out these… Read More

How Weight Loss Could Rocket Launch Your Sex Life!

October 21, 2014

Academics often pin Western society as a culture that’s obsessed with sex. The irony is, while we may be the generation that’s more giddy to get some, what we actually got some more of is a growing number of people who struggle with low libido, reduced sexual desire, performance issues and unsatisfactory sex lives. What… Read More