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SLIMQUICK Mixed Berry PUNCH Recipe
The great flavor of SLIMQUICK Mixed Berries makes it easy to incorporate into your daily life. While the drink mix tastes great on it’s own mixed with water, there are some easy and fun ways to change things up. With summer now in full swing and the 4th of the July just around the corner, I have decided to share… Read More
Do You Workout?
When you say that you workout, what does that mean to you? Does a quick walk around the block count as a workout to you, or is it weights… a class, or is it yoga? Many times women will contact me saying that they have been working out consistently while taking SLIMQUICK but are not getting any results. But unfortunately,… Read More
How To Cheat Properly
Cheat? Yes you heard me – CHEAT! It can totally be okay to cheat on your diet a little bit, especially after being compliant for many weeks in a row. However, I like to stick to the 80/20 rule. So long as your meals are 80% on point and healthy and on plan, you can afford a little cheat here… Read More
Breaking Through a Weight Loss Plateau
Many ladies who take SLIMQUICK tend to have the same story. Weight loss is quick and rapid in the first couple of weeks, but can quickly slow down or even stall. This can be completely normal. Please do not feel disheartened, lose hope or just give up and devour an entire pint of ice cream. There is hope. Frustrated with… Read More

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